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“Obey The Giant” Released Today, a Film About OBEY by Julian Marshall

Last April 24th we told you about a Kickstarter campaign by a 22 year old student attending Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) who was raising funds to make a film about the early days of Shepard Fairey. We always are supporting artists who are following their dream, and Julian Marshall seemed to have the hunger and talent needed to tell the story about this other RISD student and his personal take on art in the streets approximately two decades earlier.

Screenshot from Obey The Giant, the new film released today by director Julian Marshall (© Julian Marshall)

“One morning I was sitting in my bedroom brainstorming story ideas for my RISD thesis film,” he explained on his Kickstarter page, “and staring me in the face was the Andre The Giant poster that Shepard Fairey had given to me when I worked for him three years ago. It was then that creativity struck. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell the story of the conception of Shepard’s OBEY GIANT street art campaign from when he attended RISD in the early 90’s?”

Screenshot from Obey The Giant, the new film released today by director Julian Marshall (© Julian Marshall)

Happily, we can report that Julian raised more than twice the amount he had initially sought and today April 15, 2013, his film Obey The Giant is being released.

Directed by NYC’s Marshall, the film is a narrative biopic about the early life of well known Street Artist Shepard Fairey and the origins of his OBEY GIANT street art campaign. Based on the true story of Fairey’s first act of street art, Obey The Giant tells the story of the young skate punk challenging a big-city mayor, screen-printing his own stickers, and pulling a high-profile wheat-pasting stunt that got him fame and into a lot of hot water.

Screenshot from Obey The Giant, the new film released today by director Julian Marshall (© Julian Marshall)

Congratulations to Julian and all the crew and backers for completing their auspicious goal.


  • Josh Wills – Shepard Fairey
  • Keith Jochim – Buddy Cianci
  • Patrick Collins – Dean Carter
  • Tom O’Neill – Jonah
  • Elizabeth Roberge – Ella
  • Tommy Dickie – Lee Dover
  • Daryl Laperle – George
  • Alexander Remington – Buddy Cianci’s Driver
  • Sarah Cote – Jessica
  • Mark O’Leary – Father
  • Max Derderian – Son
  • Frank Vollero – Ray

Still photography by: Philip Scott Andrews

For more about Obey The Giant, please click this link:


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Fun Friday 04.27.12

1. Urban Legends Auction (LA)
2. “Ordinary People” in Brooklyn
3. Group GRAFF at Dorian Gray (NY)
4. Katowice Street Art Festival (VIDEO)
6.”Obey The Giant” Movie Kickstarter

Urban Legends Auction (LA)

Friday night >> URBAN LEGENDS: Celebrating 45 Years of Public Art Around the World is an art exhibition and an auction taking place at the LA Mart and Design Center. Works consist of large scale murals; collages; rare, limited edition photographs; and more.

Artists include ABCNT, Chor Boogie, Codak, Cryptik, Kofie, Mear One, Pablo Cristi, Shark Toof, TEWSR, Warren Heard, BAM, Brett Cook, Can Love, Cern, Ckaweeks, Doves, Erin Yoshi, Estria, Jher Judy Baca, Katch, Kent Twitchell, Level, Mare 139, Martha Cooper, Meres, Sand, Vogue, Vyal, Woier, Alexander DC Smith & Hans Haveron, Aly Kouroma, EKLA, Evan Mendleson, Freddy Sam, Graffiti of War Project, Herakut, FOODONE, John Park & Christina Angelina, KIDGHE, LIBRE, Max Neutra, SANER, Yusef Davis, Van Saro, Estevan Oriol, Eriberto Oriol, Chaz Bojorquez, RETNA, Andrew Hem

For further information regarding this event click here.

“Ordinary People” in Brooklyn

“Ordinary People” is a group show opening Saturday at the Trumbull Studios in Brooklyn with Doug Aldrich, Shane Donahue, Austin Ansbro, and Zach Meyer.

For further information regarding this show click here.

Group GRAFF at Dorian Gray (NY)

Stop by the Dorian Gray Gallery in Manhattan for a reception for their group exhibition of artists spanning 30 years of art in public spaces. Featured works include such iconic New York names as Keith Haring, LA 2, Futura, Richard Hambleton, COPE 2, & CRASH. International artists such as Bansky and DOLK are paired with some newer names XAM, SeeOne, Penn & AVone.

Xam (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

See a preview of an upcoming Street Art video and XAM’s recent visit to Mexico City.

Katowice Street Art Festival (VIDEO)

A fun video about the 2012 festival in Katowice, Poland:

For more information regarding this festival click here.


ROA’s new show “Hypnagogia” is currently on view at the StolenSpace Gallery in London.

Below is a video that shows the artist at work:

“Obey The Giant” Movie Kickstarter

“Obey The Giant” coming soon to a theater near you?…Yes if you help the auteurs, by donating to their kickstarter campaign. But before you go and donate take a moment to see the trailer for the yet to be completed film.

From the creators Julian Marshall and Alex Jablonski:

“Based on the true story of Shepard Fairey’s first act of street art, OBEY THE GIANT tells the story of a young skate punk challenging a big-city mayor and the powers-that-be at art school. Frustrated by his inability to gain respect within the confines of art school Shepard sets out to gain notoriety and acclaim by targeting the most powerful man in Providence, former Mayor Buddy Cianci. Risking expulsion and jail time Shepard plasters Andre the Giant’s face over the image of Cianci on a campaign billboard. As word of Shepard’s prank gets out, Shepard learns that art is a weapon and attention is both a blessing and a curse”.

Click here to donate on their Kickstarter and to see the trailer for the movie.


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