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Brooklin & Brooklyn: São Paulo and MUNDANO

Brooklin & Brooklyn: São Paulo and MUNDANO


Brooklyn isn’t just a borough of 2.2 million people in New York City, it is also a neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil.

Pixel show 2007

Mundano by Stella Dauer

Creative Commons License photo credit: Stella Dauer

And guess what?  That’s right homie-lera, they have street art.

But that should not be a huge revelation to you by now.

Like my barber Pedro Fantilipaz says, “Street Art eees all ovah tha wooorrrrrl!”

Mundano, a street artist from the other BK, makes monster-type faces, and elongated forms using fat caps and thin ones, a smooth hand, and a playful eye. They are extreeeeeme closeups with flaring nostrils, big frowny lips, and ever-searching eyes. Sometimes 4 eyes, sometimes more.

"Líquen Vermelho" / "Red lichen" by Mundano at Factory Fresh (photo Steven P. Harrington)

“Líquen Vermelho” / “Red lichen” by Mundano at Factory Fresh (photo Steven P. Harrington)

Mundano was here in July doing a show with two other Brazilians, Loro Vez and Apollo Torez, where they installed a show at Factory Fresh Gallery, called “Lichen”.  Add these three dudes to the two Os Gemeos, and this summer it was like the Brasil World Cup of aerossolistas right here in Nova Lorque!

You Are a Slave of Consumption (Mundano)

“You Are a Slave of Consumption” – a bit of wisdom for the birds.(Mundano) (photo by Mike Ion)

Back home he makes many creatures everywhere, and he writes slogans and messages that harshly question the policies of the government regarding social policy. It was no surprise to see him muster enough English to make an observation about our materialistic society on one of his pieces here.

Mundano’s recreation of a cart commonly used by recyclers on foot in Brooklin. (photo courtesy Factory Fresh)

Right in the middle of the gallery in Bushwick, Mundano had installed a cart that was a facsimile of a cart (or “carroceiro”) that is commonly used in his town for people to gather discarded items and materials for recycling, an appreciable business there. While they were trolling our streets in a van looking for stuff to stock their gallery carroceiro, Mundano and his buddies were pretty shocked to find that here people throw out perfectly good stuff!


Keep your eyes open – This one is on lockdown in Brooklyn (Mundano)

Yeah, I know that for sure, because that was my first apartment; one man’s broken Barcalounger is another man’s throne. Most college students and newly arrived immigrants in New York can easily furnish their entire apartments from discarded furniture and other stuff that people drag to the curb.  Even so, Mundano’s wild-eyed surprise and shock at how wasteful we are was an eye-opener for me too.


(Mundano) (photo Mike Ion)

Now Mundano’s back in Brooklin and making new stuff there, where people have a different approach to his art on the street. He had a great time here and got to put up some entertaining pieces while staying in New York and he’s looking forward to his next visit, “I really liked New York, and I will be back for sure.”

Is Smoking Relaxing? (Mundano)

Is Smoking Relaxing? Mundano made a Musico puffing on a cigarro next to this anti-smoking ad in Brooklyn. (Mundano) (photo Mike Ion)

Cactus Corner (Mundano)

Cactus Corner (Mundano) (photo Mike Ion)

Quebre a rotina mas nao se quebre
Creative Commons License photo credit: Marco Gomes

Mundano’s Flickr page is HERE

Mike Ion images courtesy Mundano

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