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BSA Film Friday: 02.13.15

BSA Film Friday: 02.13.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. The Lurkers: “Bricks of Parmigiano”
2. India’s Largest Mural: Tribute to Dadasaheb Phalke
3. Rone goes to Hollywood
4. CERN: Updating Philosophies
5. General Howe Hijacks GI Joe: “Hector Delgado Has PTSD”
5. No Limit Street Art Borås: 2015 Teaser


The Lurkers: “Bricks of Parmigiano”

“Bunga, Bunga, bitches, Berlusconi,” raps the yet-to-be rap sensation Lurky Luciano as his new single drops. A send-up of Hip-Hop cliches with slow flow, satire, train writing, pasta, free Gaza, plenty of stereotypes about Italian culture, this new video by The Lurkers brings it.  Also your homie Jesus appears in the sky at the end, as he will.

India’s Largest Mural: Tribute to Dadasaheb Phalke in Bombay

1st year Ghandi, this year Bollywood. The second year of St+ Art India brings another record-breaking mural of the cultural icon that launched a million careers in the Indian film industry, and many more dreams in theater seats, Dadasaheb Phalke.  The largest mural so far, this one is by Ranjit Dahiya, with help from Yantr, Munir Bukhari and Nilesh Kharade .


Rone goes to Hollywood

The talented photorealist Rone shows how it is possible to evoke emotion with just one color in downtown Hollywood, Florida, as part of a commercial mural program.


CERN: Updating Philosophies

“You have these blips of color, these hints of otherworldliness that show up,” says Cern as he takes you into a new New York day.”Stubbornness, practice, persistence, perseverance. Those things pay off”  Ya herd? The philosophies of Cern.

General Howe Hijacks GI Joe: “Hector Delgado Has PTSD”

Street Artist General Howe has been delving into a new area of storytelling with his re-editing of cartoons to tell the horrors of war. It is a critique of a culture that simultaneously heroicizes and ignores the people who volunteer to fight. “The whole story is pieced together with existing GI Joe cartoon footage along with my animated gifs. I actually used no voice actors and a handful of free sound effects/recordings from the internet – and lots of tedious editing! From a street art perspective I see it as being similar to hijacking an advertisement and subverting the context,” says the General

No Limit Street Art Borås.

It’s coming back this September for its second edition, and here is a teaser for it.

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