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BSA Film Friday 07.24.15

BSA Film Friday 07.24.15




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Brazilian Street Artist Eder Muniz
David Flores’ Nelson Mandela Mural Project
New TED Talk from eL Seed
4. BSA LIVE Tonight in Rochester for Wall\Therapy 2015 and Urban Nation (UN)


BSA Special Feature: Brazilian Street Artist Eder Muniz

Eder Muniz joins the Wall\Therapy mural festival this year with his magic infused fantasy forms that have been blanketing his hometown of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The self-taught artist goes by the name of “Calangos de Rua” (Street Lizard) back home but clearly that must be an endearing term as his sentiments toward humans and nature are anything but reptilian. Here is a profile made of the artist three years ago that gives some good insight into his inspirations and working style.

David Flores Nelson Mandela Mural Project

This week was Nelson Mandela’s birthday and we were reminded of the great mural David Flores did of the man two years ago.  Done to commemorate his 95th, we remember him through his own words on his 97th in this video by Banded Arts.

New TED Talk from eL Seed

“Born in France to Tunisian parents, eL Seed delights in juggling multiple cultures, languages and identities. Not least in his artwork, which sets Arabic poetry in a style inspired by street art and graffiti. In this quietly passionate talk, the artist and TED Fellow describes his central ambition: to create art so beautiful it needs no translation.”

BSA LIVE Tonight in Rochester for Wall\Therapy 2015 and Urban Nation (UN)

Join us tonight in person for BSA Film Friday LIVE – at University of Rochester. We’re proud to be working with this grassroots festival and to be your hosts at the revered 100+ year old Memorial Art Gallery in the MAG Auditorium. We’ll be showing 16 of our favorite videos from the past year of BSA Film Friday, pieces that are examples of what’s been on our radar – exploring, experimenting, inspiring, and just plain badass videos that keep this scene fresh. If you are in the area we’s love to see your smiling face in the audience tonight!



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Nard in Capetown, South Africa. A Concrete Flower.

New Video Illuminates an Articulate Student of Graffiti and Street Art

As our thoughts turn to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the revolutionary leader of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner who turns 95 this month and who remains seriously ill under the watchful eye of everyone, we send good vibrations and wishes to him and his family.

On a hopeful note we are glad to bring you this story about a young Street Artist from Capetown who is creating a legacy of her own with aerosol cans.  An articulate student of graffiti, Nard is now pursuing a colorfully geometric, often character based street art route on walls around her city and has also begun to travel internationally – recently even to Brooklyn, where she posed for BSA in this photo for Jaime Rojo.

Nard in Brooklyn late winter 2013 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

“Graffiti here started in Apartheid when people were writing “Free Mandela” and political messages,” Nard relates in this brand new mini-documentary by Ry George. “They didn’t even know about graffiti as a pop element so they just used to paint those things until they got exposed to hip-hop,” she explains as she describes the stories she has learned about how early graffiti writers actually learned about style through mailing letters, sketches, and photos back and forth with other graffiti writers elsewhere in the world.

Now she is a part of “the biggest art movement in the world,” she says of the global Street Art scene. “That’s because of the freedom that comes with it.”

Screenshot from “Concrete Flower” ( © Nard and Ry George)

Screenshot from “Concrete Flower” ( © Nard and Ry George)

Screenshot from “Concrete Flower” ( © Nard and Ry George)

Screenshot from “Concrete Flower” ( © Nard and Ry George)

“I think when people speak about graffiti they usually mean how it started with letterforms and tags.  When they speak about Street Art it is anything else besides letters. Like the traditional sense of graffiti isn’t exactly how it is because everybody is sticking to that rule of ‘a tag and a throwup and a piece and bombing and ‘getting up’  – the same thing that people did back in the 70s or 80s, and sometimes letters can be Street Art.” – Nard from “Concrete Flower”.

A neighbor steps up to get a close look at Nard’s work. Screenshot from “Concrete Flower” ( © Nard and Ry George)

Screenshot from “Concrete Flower” ( © Nard and Ry George)

‘Concrete Flower” was shot and edited by Ryan George @ry_george, featuring interviews with local graffiti artist FERS @fersyndicate and street art photographer Klaus Warschkow @klauswarschkow. Thanks also to Jamie Litt.


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