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Fun Friday 08.28.10

Fun-FridaySalute to Freedom of Religion (and from it)

Here in downtown New York the heated public discussions over a planned community center serving Muslim New Yorkers has been greeted by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons from his apartment windows to viewers on the street.

Seeing these various symbols of many of the world’s belief systems is a helpful reminder to those who have forgotten that all are welcome here to worship whatever God they believe in.  They are also free to not worship anything. After the marauding hoo-ha crowd returns to it’s cave, perhaps a review of the US Constitution is in order.

Despite the recent violent acts by some, NYC is a living breathing example of how many many different cultures live every day side by side in peace. Regardless of our personal opinions about someone’s religion, in this country you are free to follow it, practice it, espouse it. Um, next question?


Poster Boy Releases Book

Interestingly, the person/collective that goes by the name Poster Boy are touting the constitution as a rallying point for organizing also. Coupled with the official release of the new book of art by PB in four cities this weekend, the events will serve as a launch for a legal defense fund for artists.


Read more about the event from the press release here

Dabs and Myla are the Cutest!

Dub-Step Kraziness, a mini-trip with Nick Heller and Friends

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