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Largest Mural in The World in Vyksa, Russia, Says Artist Misha Most & Artmossphere

Largest Mural in The World in Vyksa, Russia, Says Artist Misha Most & Artmossphere

Organizers at Artmossphere are calling this new mural in Russia the largest mural in the world. They say that representatives of the Guinness World Records are considering its inclusion in the collection of world records.

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Courtesy of Artmossphere)

Celebrating the 260th anniversary of the metallurgical plant in Vyksa and the 25th anniversary of the United Metallurgical Company (OMK), the Moscow based painter, street artist and a graffiti-writer Misha Most and five assistants took 35 days to paint this 10,800 square meter mural this spring. Presented to the public as part of the urban art festival ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia.

Thematically, Mr. Most says he looked to stories in science fiction a half century ago – many about our current time. It includes elements related to scientists, chemistry, psychology, robotics, androids – basically stuff you see today going to the shopping mall, ad agency, or factory floor.

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Kirill Makarov)

“I included into the scheme six stories taken from the past and present of the Vyksa smelter,” says the artist. “I think the workers can easily recognize them. If you look at the wall from left to right, you can grasp the development of the plot: from small – to greater, from research – to creation, from idea to result.”

Organized by the Artmossphere Studio creative association, who continuously are pushing the boundaries of street culture, high culture, and community engagement, the winning mural was chosen from 260 applications from 34 countries to the “Vyksa 10000” open competition and juried by artists, designers and architects.

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Narodizkiy)

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Narodizkiy)

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Narodizkiy)

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Courtesy of Artmossphere)

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Courtesy of Artmossphere)

Misha Most. ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia. June, 2017. (photo © Courtesy of Artmossphere)


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BSA Film Friday: 07.07.17

BSA Film Friday: 07.07.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1.Vegan Flava. Throwing Leaves Against Machines.
2. Andrew Hem “Misty Blue”
3. Laura Llaneli: 12 + 1 in Barcelona
4. Misha Most. Evolution -2. The largest mural in the world. Vyksa, Russia
5. Agnès Varda JR’s Faces Places (Visages, Villages). Trailer.


BSA Special Feature: Vegan Flava. Throwing Leaves Against Machines.

“We are exploring crossroads where different creative paths such as painting, video-making, dancing and music meet,” Vegan Flava tells us about this new collaborative performance he has just completed with his friend Mario Perez Amigo.

They call it “Throwing Leaves Against Machines” and it is the third video chapter of a series named Northern Street Sketches. This painting and dance performance took play at Subtopia in the Botkyrka municipality of Stockholm – the city where both artists hail from.

Taking place the same night that Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change, Vegan Flava tells us that the video is “a climate action performance addressing the costs consumerism today imposes on future generations, and time is limited.”


Andrew Hem “Misty Blue”

Street culture and impressionism filter into the singular form compositions of Los Angeleno Andrew Ham. In this hand painted mural with The Avenue Concept in Providence, he tells the story of a child he met. The artist shoes how he mixes paint and speaks of his practice of going far from the wall to make sure the mural “reads” well from a distance.


Laura Llaneli: 12 + 1 in Barcelona

Back in June we showed you process photos of this wall in Barcelona in a posting entitled Laura Llaneli “OUR ACTIONS BECOMING THE POLICY”. It is an interesting concept of translating a short speech, a tirade actually, of a singer upbraiding audience members for not fitting his image of them -as if his self-image was derived from the audience. True, mom always said, “Show me your friends and I can tell you what kind of person you are.”



Misha Most. Evolution -2. The largest mural in the world. Vyksa, Russia

Periodically you hear a claim of a mural being the largest. This one by Misha Most with the folks from Artmossphere looks pretty close!

Agnès Varda JR’s Faces Places (Visages, Villages). Trailer.

A trailer for JR’s new movie follows his team as he travels from place to place wheatpasting photos of people to walls in their towns.

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Mint & Serf Curate “Well Hung, The Chelsea Chapter” At +ART (Manhattan, NY)

Well Hung


Well Hung, The Chelsea Chapter at +aRt
A Fundraiser Benefit for Free Arts NYC
Curated by Mint&Serf
March 5th – April 3rd, 2011

Opening Reception March 5th, 6pm – 10pm

NEW YORK, NY, FEBRUARY 18 – As the cold days of February come to a close, artists, gallery owners, collectors and creative people from across the globe begin their annual migration to New York City for the highly anticipated Armory Show.  Here at +aRt (540 West 28th Street), at a brand new gallery in Chelsea, we will offer a fresh alternative to the congestion and attitudes by showcasing the diversity between artistic communities.

“In an effort to create an exhibition platform for our friends during Armory week, we decided to revisit our past by opening up The Chelsea Chapter at +aRt. The Chelsea Chapter comes on the heels of The Stanton Chapter, an alternative art space we opened in 2008 in Lower East Side. ” – mint

Well Hung
is a group exhibition featuring photography, sculpture, paintings and drawings by an eclectic mix of old and new friends. Participating artists include: Adam Krueger, Alfredo Martinez, Andrew Poneros, Clayton Patterson, Curtis Kulig, David Forer, David Hochbaum, Erik Foss, Futura, Jeff and Will Robbins, Jordan Seiler, Julie Floersch, Kevin Bourgeois, Leo Fitzpatrick, Lucien Samaha, Maripol, Matisse Patterson, Michael Anderson, Mint&Serf, Misha Most, Norman Reedus, Oswaldo Chance Jimenez, Peter Pan Posse, Peter Passuntino, Pablo Power, Samantha West, Skullphone, Shadi Perez, Tristan Eaton and Victor Payares.

Free Arts NYC, is a charitable organization that recognizes that art exists in unconventional ways, and is proud to be the official charity partner and supporter of The Chelsea Chapter at +aRt. A portion of proceeds will be donated to their mission to provide under-served children and families with educational arts and mentoring programs. The Chelsea Chapter will host the opening reception on Saturday, March 5th from 6 pm to 10 pm. A schedule of events including artist workshops and sponsor-hosted programs will be available soon.  For further information on the exhibit, sales and events please contact Kelly Hulbert at

About Mint&Serf
Born in Moscow and Brooklyn respectively, Mint&Serf are Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall. They took to the streets of NYC, which acted as a canvas for their creative vision, producing a vast range of artwork including large-scale murals, paintings, photographs, sculpture and graffiti. After launching The Canal Chapter in 2005 followed by The Stanton Chapter in 2008, Mint&Serf (otherwise known as The Mirf) have extraordinarily crossed relationships between street art and civic spaces. Most recently Mint&Serf finished a large commission at District 36, a new dance club in Manhattan.  For more information, please visit:

About Free Arts NYC
Free Arts NYC is a local nonprofit that brings educational arts and mentoring programs to underserved children and families by partnering with group homes, shelters, schools and community centers to give children the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment in order to develop communication and trust. Their programs and the relationships they foster help children and families experience new levels of hope and creativity.

About +aRt:
Set in the heart of West Chelsea, +aRt is located at 540 West 28th Street. The 13-story new construction building features 91 artfully designed condominium residences.   +aRt is being developed by Ekstein Development, L+M Development Partners and RD Management and is exclusively marketed and sold by Halstead Property Development Marketing.  For more information, please visit: or contact Allison at or 212-867-8778 x223.

NEW YORK, NY 10001

Free Arts NYC | 1431 Broadway, 7th Floor | New York, NY 10018
t. 212.974.9092 ext. 224 | f. 917.289.3975 | e. | c. 973.903.6006

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