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Fun Friday 06.18.10 : We Have a Winner!


Contest Winner for “For Your Eyes Only”

You guys are good!  And so many got so close in guessing the full list of “Eyes” last week.

So here are the answers:





The big sticking points for most people were Number 2, which a lot of people guessed was Os Gemeos, and Number 4 which some thought was Neckface or Royce Bannon.

But don’t feel bad if you didn’t get them all – nobody did.  Our winner is Sandrine from Montreal, Quebec, who was the first person to guess 7 out of 8 correctly (she guessed #4 was Neckface).  Congratulations to Sandrine and your original and signed piece from Chris of Robots Will Kill will be in the mail Monday!

Thanks everybody who participated. We’ll have another contest soon!

Where Are You Getting Up This Weekend?



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Ya Hearrrd? BSA on HUFF PO


Yo homey, still doing a Snoopy dance on the subway this morning because your favorite Street Art blog was up on yesterday. Arianna Huffington is one of the few straightforward truthtellers in a storm of darkness year after year, and this is like when it is your turn at Double Dutch and Malcolm McLaren  happens to be walking up your block. Okay, big difference is I don’t wear striped red disco shorts and grew up on a farm upstate and never heard of Brownsville or Buffalo Girls till “Duck Rock” came out —but otherwise it’s totally the same yo.

Leave a comment at Huffington Post and tell them how good BSA is at swinging those ropes!

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Avoid PI and infinity In the Laboratory Making Preparations for their Bubbling Babbeling Show on the 21st

Babel Code : osmotic transmissions and JPEGS

You won’t find too many eggheads in the circles I run in.  Well maybe, but I’m too dim to realize it.

It is pretty evident when you meet street artists “infinity” and Avoid Pi that you may need some footnotes to follow if you want to really understand what direction they are going.  Don’t worry, I’m not completely snowed – just watch their feet, right?

A collabo called "The Treachery of Words" by infinity and Avoid Pi

A collabo called "The Treachery of Words" by infinity and Avoid Pi

The upcoming dual show by these somewhat mad scientists on the 21st at Mighty Tenaka should be a jolting trip of symbolism and secret languages and DNA strands – and a developing visual vocabulary that reliably is improving.

Avoid Pi "All One"

Avoid Pi "All One"

These are a few behind the scenes images of prep for the show,

An "infinity" 2 sided collabo.

An "infinity" 2 sided collabo.

as well as a sparky new video piece they made to promote it, which makes the hairs stand up on my arm. Fun times!

(even though it says May 20 in the video, it’s the 21st)

More about this show and these artists to come.

Babel Code : osmotic transmissions, Art from the minds of AVOID pi & infinity

  • Location: Mighty Tanaka Studio in D.U.M.B.O
  • Duration: May 21st – Jun 11th, 2010
  • Mighty Tanaka
    68 Jay St., Suite 416 (F Train to York St.)
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Click to see large

    Click to see large


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