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Street Signals 09.26.09

Street Signals -News Off the Wires from Brooklyn Street Art

Beauty and the Beast – Chor Boogie and Cope2

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is opening in LA tonight at Mid-City Arts Gallery.  And while everyone acknowledges that Chor Boogie is cute, do we have to break it all down to appearance?  Maybe it’s the fact that Disney fair well killed our cognitive association with a relatively harmless children’s tale by saturating Broadway for years with their tripe.

Anyway, it’s a clever packaging of a duo – one old-school Bronx bomber throwie king VS. one expansive spiritualistic color wizard whose forms sprout and undulate across the wall.  Put these two together and LET THE HILARITY ENSUE!  Heck Cope2 has his own special appeal, right ladies?

Cope2! Bro! Get out of Cali before they make you start doing yoga and sh*t.  Look what they did to Chor!

Where is Angela Lansbury?

Where is Angela Lansbury?

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Love Letters from Stephen Powers in Philadelphia

Makes you think of "I Love Lucy" doesn't it?

Makes you think of "I Love Lucy" doesn't it?

West Philadelphian and beautiful loser street artist Stephen Powers (AKA Espo) has harnessed the powers of love to mastermind a huge public art event in the city called “Love Letters”. A huge fan and faithful reproducer of that old-time sign painting aesthetic that was once the hottest thing since sliced baloney for outdoor advertising, Mr. Powers is combining efforts with a number of “writers” to be visible to travellers along a grand tour of a Market Street in Philly.

Mo money, mo love letters. (courtesy

The new works will be visible along the Frankford-
The new “Love Letter” campaign will be visible along the Market-Frankford Elevated Line

Download a PDF of the Map and additional information HERE

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