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Fun Friday 03.11.11


Broken Crow’s Still Rockin’ the Toy Museum in Mexico City

In what may possibly be the final stencil of the trip that they are making, Mike and John of Street Art Duo Broken Crow have pulled out what looks like a blue woodchuck and a fine feathered friend.


photo © Museo de Jugete – follow their photo stream here

Broken Crow : A Mexican Travelog

Broken Crow: A Mexican Travelog Part II

Rats on the Streets, Rats in the Boardrooms, Rats in the Legislature


Image in garment district of Manhattan this morning (© Steven P. Harrington)

As you may have read, the last protective force standing between workers and the unbridled forces of pure capitalism are being knocked down before your eyes in the US. Or maybe you were distracted by the concentrated wealth we’re celebrating: According to their new issue Forbes estimates that there are 1210 billionaires in the world today, up 214 on last year, holding a total net worth of $4.5 trillion.  As the losers in the rat race are gradually flushed into the streets, wonder how the art in the streets will be affected?

Fountain Art Fair Redux

Yeah, Fountain nailed it to a tree this year.  But then, we knew they would. Big Ups to Joe Iurato in this new video by Roberto Serrini. Joe’s work is featured in the second half of the video, and who’s recent work refers to the crosses he bears.

See more of the Street Art installation shot by photographer Jaime Rojo here: Stick Out Your Tongue : Street Art So Close You Can Lick it at Fountain

Read BSA’s piece: Joe Iurato Offers “Salvation” in Philadelphia

Matt Sewell at Mighty Tanaka


Tonight at Might Tanaka a new show by Matt Sewell. For more information about this show, location and time click on the link below:

El Celso¡NO HABLA ESPAÑOL! at Pandemic


From the press release;

“¡NO HABLA ESPAÑOL! is El Celso’s most personal show to date. This new series of works was inspired by a recent trip to Peru where the artist became obsessed with posters made in the “chicha” style. These hand-made posters line city streets all over Peru and generally feature an eye-popping neon color palette and commercial graphics-inspired lettering.”

El Celso¡NO HABLA ESPAÑOL! (full listing here)
New works and an installation featuring Peruvian vernacular posters – and a diminutive discotheque
On Display:Fri. March 11 – Sat. April 2, 2011
Opening ReceptionFriday, March 11, 2011, 7-11pm

Spending Time With Felix Morelo

Ever wonder by artists put their stuff in the streets?  Felix Morelo may be able to school you on that one.

Stick ‘Em Up! Teaser

Dang! This is a spicy teaser – a scathing assessment of everyday folk as people who hate their lives is employed as motivation to go out and do art in the street.

URNewYork at Power House Arena

Local Street Artists are hitting up the Power House in Dumbo!

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Mighty Tanaka Presents: “Ley Lady Ley”, a solo show by Matt Sewell (Brooklyn, NY)

Mighty Tanaka

Mighty Tanaka presents

Ley Lady Ley

A solo show by Matt Sewell

Imagine a mystical world where your inner child plays freely amongst the flora and fauna.  Immerse yourself in a place where people and animals roam freely together through the woodlands and hills.  This is the tranquil world of Matt Sewell, as he brings back the dawn of the golden ages.  Mighty Tanaka is proud to bring you our latest show, Ley Lady Ley, a solo show by Matt Sewell, as he transforms the gallery into his peaceful and idyllic vision.

Ley Lady Ley represents an era when people connected with Mother Earth and worshiped the land.  Men and women joined in a celebration of nature and praying to the deities.   Through fertility dances in oak groves and the cycle of life, death and rebirth, the artwork for Ley Lady Ley forges a sacred bond that is all but lost in modern society.

Matt Sewell has gone all out for this event, creating ten brand new works of original art on site for the show.  His color pallet is warm and inviting as he takes the viewer on an inspiring journey through another time.  Also including a large-scale mural on the gallery walls, his art symbolizes reconnection to the Earth and offerings to the gods.


Friday, March 11th, 2011

6:00PM – 9:00PM

(Show closes April 8, 2011)

Mighty Tanaka

68 Jay St., Suite 416

Brooklyn, NY 11201



(F Train to York St.)

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