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Happy New Year! BSA Highlights of 2010


As we start a new year, we say thank you for the last one.

And Thank You to the artists who shared their 11 Wishes for 2011 with Brooklyn Street Art; Conor Harrington, Eli Cook, Indigo, Gilf, Todd Mazer, Vasco Mucci, Kimberly Brooks, Rusty Rehl, Tip Toe, Samson, and Ludo. You each contributed a very cool gift to the BSA family, and we’re grateful.

We looked over the last year to take in all the great projects we were in and fascinating people we had the pleasure to work with. It was a helluva year, and please take a look at the highlights to get an idea what a rich cultural explosion we are all a part of at this moment.

The new year already has some amazing new opportunities to celebrate Street Art and artists. We are looking forward to meeting you and playing with you and working with you in 2011.

Specter does “Gentrification Series” © Jaime Rojo
NohJ Coley and Gaia © Jaime Rojo
Jef Aerosol’s tribute to Basquiat © Jaime Rojo


Imminent Disaster © Steven P. Harrington
Fauxreel (photo courtesy the artist)
Chris Stain at Brooklyn Bowl © Jaime Rojo


Various & Gould © Jaime Rojo
Anthony Lister on the street © Jaime Rojo
Trusto Corp was lovin it.


Martha Cooper, Shepard Fairey © Jaime Rojo
BSA’s Auction for Free Arts NYC
Crotched objects began appearing on the street this year. © Jaime Rojo


BSA gets some walls for ROA © Jaime Rojo
Dolk at Brooklynite © Steven P. Harrington
BSA gets Ludo some action “Pretty Malevolence” © Jaime Rojo


The Crest Hardware Art Show © Jaime Rojo
NohJ Coley © Jaime Rojo
The Phun Phactory Reboot in Williamsburg © Steven P. Harrington


Sarah Palin by Billi Kid
Nick Walker with BSA in Brooklyn © Jaime Rojo
Judith Supine at “Shred” © Jaime Rojo


Interview with legend Futura © Jaime Rojo
Os Gemeos and Martha Cooper © Jaime Rojo
Skewville at Electric Windows © Jaime Rojo


Specter Spot-Jocks Shepard Fairey © Jaime Rojo
“Bienvenidos” campaign
Faile studio visit © Jaime Rojo


BSA participates and sponsors New York’s first “Nuit Blanche” © Jaime Rojo
JC2 © Jaime Rojo
How, Nosm, R. Robots © Jaime Rojo


Faile “Bedtime Stories” © Jaime Rojo
Judith Supine © Jaime Rojo
Photo © Roswitha Guillemin courtesy Galerie Itinerrance


H. Veng Smith © Jaime Rojo
Sure. Photo courtesy Faust
Kid Zoom © Jaime Rojo


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Sweet Sueño and a Photographic Memory-Merging in Black and White

Brooklyn-Street-Art-Living-Walls-Update2by Jayne McGinn
images by Jenna Duffy

One of the More Stirring examples of Street Art during the “Living Walls” Event


© Jenna Duffy

“It’s like the jungle,” was the first thing that Marco Sueno said to me as we walked through the thick, hot Atlanta air.  Marco is from the jungle. His sense of humor and passion transcend the language barriers the Peruvian artist and I endured as I struggled to remember the Spanish classes I took (and failed) in college and he polished his English. Most of the time I spent with Marco was fun, including watching a game of “Marco Sueno”, as apposed to Marco Polo, in the pool with the other artists and teasing him that he looked like a sniper lying in the grass to take pictures of the people congregating outside Eyedrum, but Marco is serious about his artwork.

© Jenna Duffy

Marco evolved from a photographer to a Street Artist two years ago, yet his murals carry the weight of a seasoned veteran. As he put up his wheat paste on the entrance to the Krog Tunnel, a graffiti filled landmark in Atlanta, traffic slowed, and dog walkers and joggers came to a standstill.


© Jenna Duffy

Marco combines anthropological studies, photography and street art to force social and political discussion. Seeing his photography and street art as equals, Sueno makes it his job to tell the history of his people, express their culture, and elevate them while in a state of emergency. His enormous murals reflect and reinforce his people’s way of life while they endure displacement and culture clash.


© Jenna Duffy
© Jenna Duffy
Brooklyn-Street-Art-WEB-Sueno-copyright-Jenna-Duffy__MG_1925© Jenna Duffy
© Jenna Duffy
© Jenna DuffyBrooklyn-Street-Art-Sueno-WEB-copyright-Jenna-Duffy__MG_0001
© Jenna Duffy

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