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BSA Film Friday: 04.04.14

BSA Film Friday: 04.04.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. SWOON – The Run Up
2. Medvin Sobio announces Coachella Walls
3. Ben Eine and “Amusement”
4. “Salgado” From Sparky Stories

BSA Special Feature: SWOON – The Run Up

“The things that drew me to the city are both the intensity and the harshness,” says Street Artist Swoon in this new video from documentary filmmaker Joey Garfield. After more than a decade and half, she’s thriving on both and still in Brooklyn. The footage is of an earlier Swoon and during her initial forays out into the street to wheatpaste her hand cut creations on tattered walls and rusted doorways.  It is a glimpse of a young artist in New York, and it will ring familiar to the new arrivals to this harsh intense city to see her balancing a bag of clothes on her handle bars and crossing 4th Avenue on her way to the laundromat.

In his description of the piece on Vimeo Garfield says that it was filmed “before the term Street Art” which may indicate the 1960s since books were published with the term in the 70s and Richard Goldstein wrote a big piece about it for the Village Voice in the early 80s. This video looks looks like it was shot in the mid 00s, but we take his point to mean that the current explosion was occurring around the very time Swoon was beginning as well.

In fact, that is what makes this rough collection of very personal moments with Swoon on the cusp of her first big solo show so refreshing. As we watch her prep for the Dietch Projects installation and she observes that it is much larger than she had guessed it would get, we are all anticipating her new installation opening at the Brooklyn Museum next week. Similarly the scale of “Submerged Motherlands” has expanded amazingly and it is only beginning to match that of Swoon’s imagination, and her will.

Medvin Sobio announces Coachella Walls

Medvin Sobio knows how to present a story before it even happens. A co-curator of Wynwood Walls one year and the Boneyard Project, Sobio debuts this video to announce the first annual COACHELLA WALLS, hosted by The Date Farmers – an event which is described as “an arts driven community revitalization project”. The video is shot like a film and sets the stage for very good things to come.

Participating artists schedule to participate are The Date Farmers (Coachella), El Mac (Arizona), Nunca (Brazil), Saner (Mexico), Andrew Hem (Cambodia), Liqen (Spain), Albert Reyes (Los Angeles), Vyal Reyes (Los Angeles), Sego (Mexico), The Phantom (Los Angeles), Jim Darling (Texas), and more.


Ben Eine and “Amusement”

A brief record of Ben Eine describing his love of typography and appetite for risk taking and some crisp shots of him doing this commercial piece for a San Francisco development project named 8 Octavia.

“Salgado” From Sparky Stories

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