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Lab Art Gallery Presents: “Fixed Bicycles and Canvas Art” (Los Angeles,CA)

Lab Art Gallery

brooklyn-street-art-LAB-ART-gallerybrooklyn-street-art-LAB-ART-gallery-Septerhed-bikeStreet art meets fashionable bicycles as LAB ART Los Angeles, the nation’s largest gallery dedicated to street art teams up with Solé Bicycles, the one-stop-online-shop for contemporary fixed-gear bikes. On September 15th, 2011 the Fixed Bicycles & Canvas show will premiere custom designed Solé Bicycles by 12 of the biggest, most influential street artists including: AJL, Chad Muska, Common Cents, Cyrcle, Desire Obtain Cherish, GoodBoy, Gregory Siff, KH No. 7, LOUIS XXX, Mar, Septerhed, and Thank You X.

Fixed Bicycles & Canvas is a collaboration between street art curators and owners of LAB ART, Rachel Joelson and Iskander Lemseffer, and Solé Bicycles owners, USC schoolmates Jonathan Schriftman and Jake Medwell.

As street art began on the street as guerilla artwork and has recently transitioned from the streets into galleries, fixed gear cycling, otherwise known as fixie, has gone through it’s own transition. What started as a signature among urban bike messengers, fixies have become a lifestyle trend in major cities worldwide.

The exhibit is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Joelson and Schriftman who wanted to bridge two popular cultural phenomenons: street art and fixies. The pair decided to fuse the renegade art spirit of LAB ART’s street artists with the youthful, hipster appeal of Solé bikes.

Fixed Bicycles & Canvas will also feature paintings corresponding to each artist. The one-of-a-kind artist custom designed bicycles retails for approximately $950 to $ 1,200.

The exhibition will debut at a private viewing party on September 15th, 2011 at LAB ART and will be open to the public on September 16th and continues through October 16th, 2011.

About LAB ART Los Angeles:

LAB ART Los Angeles is the largest art gallery in the nation dedicated to an alternative exhibition of street art and installation. Spanning 6,500 square feet of space, the gallery features approximately 300 works of art and installation from over 50 of the most prominent and up-and-coming street artist of the Los Angeles Street Art scene and beyond. LAB ART has been featured on FOX News, KTLA News, Huffington Post, LA Times, LAist, and more.

About Solé Bicycles:

Solé Bicycles provides supremely designed, high quality, affordable fixed gear and single speed bikes. Started in 2010, Solé has grown to be one of the industry leaders and featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, LA Confidential, and more.

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Fun Friday 05.27.11


If you decide to stay in the city this holiday weekend you can incite your imagination and feed your intellectual curiosity by walking the streets for the great out door gallery, or go inside to see great new stuff.

1. Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan (a couple of days ago)
2. “Paint It Now” Tonight in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
3. Miss Van and Gaia Double Bill at Jonathan Levine
4. Shai Dahan Solo Show in Gothenburg, Sweden
5. Melrose & Fairfax Saturday “What Graffiti is to New York, Street Art is to Los Angeles”
6. FAILE SAYZ: PLAY WITH YOUR ART! Release Puzzle Boxes
7. DJ Mayonaise Hands Insightful Review of ELIK at Brooklynite
8. Narcelio Grud
9. FEIK in Brazil by Sampa Graffiti

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan (a couple of days ago)

“Paint It Now” Tonight in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Paint It Now makes its NYC debut in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood (just north of Williamsburg). The show’s curators, Thomas Buildmore and Scott Chasse partner with Fowler Arts Collective for this Brooklyn-centric show, although Philadelphia and Boston represent.


FEATURED ARTISTS: Morgan Thomas Anderson, Royce Bannon, Thomas Buildmore, Scott Chasse, Darkclouds, Robert daVies, El Celso, Martin Esteves, Veronica Hanssens, Jessica Hess, Keely, Kenji Nakayama, Nineta, Nose Go,
Cense, Damion Silver, John Skibo, Ben Woodward

Fowler Arts, 67 West Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11222.

Miss Van and Gaia Double Bill at Jonathan Levine

Miss Van “Bailarinas” and Gaia “Succession” opened last night at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in Chelsea in Manhattan. Miss Van has been painting since her teenage years in France and in Europe and Gaia is celebrating his recent graduation from MICA in Baltimore. Congratulations GAIA!


(images courtesy of the Gallery)

For more details on this show, times and address click on the link below”

Shai Dahan Solo Show in Gothenburg, Sweden

Shai Dahan moved to Sweden last year and, wasting no time, he set up to work on his new art  projects as soon as the plane touched ground. Today he invites all people that happen to be in Gothenburg , Sweden to come to the opening of his solo show “Things Come Undone” at the Artspace + Us Gallery.


Shai Dahan “To catch a thief”. Detail (photo © Shai Dahan)

To read more details, time and location for this show go to:

Melrose & Fairfax Saturday “What Graffiti is to New York, Street Art is to Los Angeles”


On Saturday the West Coast Street Art site Melrose&Fairfax invites you to attend the opening reception of their curatorial debut “What Graffiti is to New York, Street Art is to Los Angeles” at the Maximillian Gallery in West Hollywood, CA.


Desire Obtain Cherish (photo © Birdman). Desire Obtain Cherish collective is included in this show and they are based in Los Angeles, CA. This is their most recent billboard takeover.  Click on their name above to go their site for more information about this project.

Participating artists include: Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, Smog City, Bankrupt Slut, DeeKay, Bod Bod, 2twenty, Snyder, Gregory Stiff, KH no. 7, Desire Obtain Cherish, CYRCLE. & DD$, Leba and Homo Riot.

For more details on this show, time and address click below:


Brooklyn Street Art: You know I was just thinking about the blocks and interactivity. I wonder if you could make a piece where some of the blocks were free and the person who buys it could play with the blocks.

Patrick Miller: Hey, you’re really onto something!

Patrick McNeil: Let’s go upstairs.

Brooklyn Street Art: You’ve already thought of this!

(from FAILE Studio Visit on BSA last fall)

Street Art Collective Faile have released a set of six different Puzzleboxes to the public. When we visited their studio last year they were in the process of creating these fun, interactive fine art pieces and now they are available, with an app on Itunes to boot.

brooklyn-street-art-faile-puzzle-boxesbrooklyn-street-art-faile-puzzle-boxesFor information about the Puzzleboxes and to purchase go to:

DJ Mayonaise Hands Insightful Review of ELIK at Brooklynite

Narcelio Grud

Brazilian artist Narcelio Grud was filmed getting up all day in Manhester, UK where the only thing that really got in his way was a flock of adorable baby geese crossing his path.

FEIK in Brazil by Sampa Graffiti

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