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BSA Film Friday 02.07.14

BSA Film Friday 02.07.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Swoon Lays It On the Line
2. “Vacant View” and Baltimore’s Slumlords
3. FAREWELL: In Memory of a Lost Friend
4. Galeria Urban Forms 2013

BSA Special Feature: Swoon Lays It On the Line

“A little bit less about art stuff and a little bit more about life stuff” is how Street Artist Swoon introduces the revelatory truths that underpin her work and her fundamental relationships with family. She brings light into her upbringing, her family’s addictions a how Swoon decided to tackle the challenges that life presented her and to find a way to courageously forgive and heal.


“Vacant View” Trailer

Vacant View is an inspirational documentary that shows the creative and innovative ways street artists, activists and community members utilize their available resources with the hopes to draw attention to the vacant housing epidemic in Baltimore.

Directed by:
Tarek Turkey and Julia Pitch


FAREWELL: In Memory of a Lost Friend. (SUBWAY-WORK-SLEEP)

What does it feel like to be behind bars?

Who says conceptual public art has to come with an artists’s statement? Here is the act planned by two, and finished by one.

“My partner and I tried to carry out this intervention three years before. The result was unsatisfying and we promised ourselves to try again. The year after, my friend left us brutally. I hope he will like the result.”


Galeria Urban Forms 2013

The Urban Forms festival in Lodz, Poland put together this nice compilation of walls completed this year, including the artists ROA (Belgium), INTI (Chile), 3TTMAN (France), and TONE, GREGOR, and PROEMBRION (all from Poland).

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