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The “Delusional” Winners…and Honorable Mentions

The “Delusional” Winners…and Honorable Mentions

It was a genuine pleasure to meet so many of the artists last night at Jonathan Levine Gallery for the opening of the Delusional Art Competition. Not surprisingly, the art works were stellar and in many cases exceptional – narrowed down from a field of 1700 or so competitors and selected by Jonathan and a jury of artists and professionals in the field (full disclosure: BSA was on the jury).

About 150 people crowded the gallery space and looked at the 40 finalists, shook hands with artists and posed with them, each making their own assessments about what works were resonating strongest for them and considering the quality of the field in general. There is a great deal to be learned from how artists are seeing things at this moment and about how we all are responding to this work.

First Prize : Win Wallace

Win Wallace. Dancer #5 , 2018. Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

1st Place – Win Wallace
2nd Place – Tina Lugo
3rd Place – Susannah Martin

Carly Slade
Rick Newton
Anthony Solano

We are excited to share with you artworks by the winners and honorable mentions from this years’ Delusional Art Competition and to share with you some reactions from the visionary at the vortex, Jonathan Levine.

Second Prize – Tina Lugo

Tina Lugo. I See Myself with You 2016. Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

BSA: How was the competition this year compared to last year when you had to do the jury duties all yourself?
Jonathan LeVine: The interesting thing is I was trying to make it this very democratic process and so every year the show is different. So some of the choices that other jurors made I thought, “Oh that makes sense” and with some of the others I thought, “really they chose that?”

But then it just made me realize how different everyone’s tastes are. It was an interesting thing to see. You know I did it last year and I’ve juried stuff before, but because it was my competition I felt differently. It really made me think this year about perceptions, what people like, and what kind of tastes people have.

Third Prize – Susannah Martin

Susannah Martin. Reservoir 2018. Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

BSA: What surprised you?
Jonathan LeVine: A lot of people liked stuff I didn’t like.

BSA: Are there trends that you would like to see evaporate?
Jonathan LeVine: I always like to see people not imitating so much from other people. It’s one thing if you see it a little bit. But it is another thing if you see 50 artists doing the same thing, or see blatant rip-offs of other artists. I realize those people probably think that it is okay, or they don’t even realize that they are doing it, or it is flattery, but it is not unique.

Great art to me is unique. It doesn’t have to be fine art, but it needs to be authentic. That really speaks to me. So maybe that is sometimes more challenging to people and its not always necessarily the prettiest. As I continue to do this competition, it’s going to change my perspective I think.


Carly Slade

Carly Slade. 2046 W Diamond St, Philadelphia, PA 2018 Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Carly Slade. 2046 W Diamond St, Philadelphia, PA 2018 Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Carly Slade. 2046 W Diamond St, Philadelphia, PA 2018 Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Rick Newton

Rick Newton. Christopher Columbus Discovering the New World 2016 Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Rick Newton. Christopher Columbus Discovering the New World 2016 Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Anthony Solano

Anthony Solano. Enough 2017 Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Anthony Solano. Urban Arc 2017 (far left), Room to Grow 2017 (bottom) Jonathan LeVine Projects. Delusional. (photo © Jaime Rojo)



Following are short bios for each of the winners and honorable mentions:

Win Wallace was born in South Carolina and is currently based in Austin, Texas. His recent practice focuses on conte and charcoal portraits, as well as ink drawings. Since high school, Wallace has played in bands and has made posters for bands like the Melvins, Neurosis, Sleep, Helios Creed, Alice Donut, DMBQ, Animal Collective, Scratch Acid, The Dicks and many others. He moved to Austin in the mid 1990’s to study drawing at the University of Texas. His drawings are influenced by history, art history, dreams, nature and pathos.  His works have been exhibited extensively in Texas, throughout the United States and internationally.

Tina Lugo was born and raised in The Bronx, New York.  She studied at the School of Visual Arts where she obtained her BFA and worked with fellow artist, Nicolas Touron.  She’s currently based in Portland, Oregon where she continues to make glass paintings in her Pacific Northwest studio.  Lugo lists as her biggest influence, the Ero Guru Nansensu art movement of Japan—a name comprised of fractions of the English words erotic, grotesque, and nonsense.  The movement focuses on eroticism, sexual corruption, and decadence, all themes salient in Lugo’s work.

Susannah Martin was born in 1964 in New York City.  She studied at New York University and received a SEHNAP scholarship for painting.  Among her most notable teachers there were; John Kacere, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine and Peter Campus.  Following her studies she was self-employed as a muralist and painter of sets for film and photography in New York, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, where she is currently based.  In 2004, she returned to fine art and is interested in contemporizing the classical subject of the nude in landscape.  Avoiding a falsely idyllic scenario, she focuses on mans´ estrangement from nature. The figures may appear absurd, stripped of all social indicators and possessions, or ecstatic in unexpected reunification with their natural selves.  Her work creates a stage in which mans´ struggle between the two poles of his identity, the natural and the synthetic, may be contemplated.  She’s exhibited throughout Europe and the United States of America.

Carly Slade grew up in “Big sky Alberta”, Canada.  She received her MFA from San Jose State University and her BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design.  Her work is influenced by her blue-collar roots and plagued by a concern for the precarious nature of the working class.  Using a mix of materials (most often including clay, embroidery, and building supplies), Slade creates dioramas of real places in an unreal perspective.  Slade is currently the Artist in Resident and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.

Rick Newton was born in West Palm Beach Florida and received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.  Stylistically inspired by scientific textbook illustrations, her presents his personal mythology concerning the future of our world.  By incorporating Cold War imagery interacting with animal life set in surreal landscapes, he supposes a world where there has been a shift in hierarchy.

Anthony Solano was born in Hayward CA, then spent the majority of his childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico.  When he returned to the Bay Area at the age of 13, art became a source of escape and comfort.  In high school he was exposed to painting for the first time, sparking what would become his life’s passion.  Anthony, a self-taught painter, now resides in Portland, Oregon and credits the local landscape for a major creative shift, from abstract painting to the surreal genre that he currently practices.  His work explores today’s environmental conflicts, communicated with vibrant hyper-realistic imagery and thought-provoking storytelling.  A sense of optimism and hope within his work allows the viewer to experience a complex, emotional response.

2nd Annual Delusional Art Competition

Group Exhibition will run from
August 1 – 25, 2018

For more information please go to Jonathan Levine Projects.


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Delusionalists Announced! Jonathan LeVine Projects

Delusionalists Announced! Jonathan LeVine Projects

BSA is proud to present the “Delusional” Finalists !

Competing in a field of more than 1700 submissions, finalists were chosen by a team of  jurors including: artist Tara McPherson, UN museum Director Yasha Young, artist Jeff Soto, Juxtapoz Editor Evan Pricco, gallery visionaire Jonathan LeVine and curators and founders of BSA, Jaime Rojo & Steven P. Harrington.

THE SEARCH IS OVER!  Jonathan LeVine Projects 2nd Annual Delusional Art Competition opens on August 1st and will feature work by the following 40 artists:

Alayna Coverly, Amy Guidry, Anthony Solano, Anton HoegerRisa Tochigi (boogieREZ), Carly Slade, Caroline Pool, Cesar Piette, Cielle Graham, Daniel Coves, Eelco van den Berg, Floria Gonzalez, Harumi Ori, Hilary Hubanks, Hiroshi Sato, Jonathan Aller, Jorge Catoni, Joshua Flint, Kathryn Polk, Katie Shima, Kyle Stewart, Matthew Huntley, Michael Camarra, Mikael Takacs, Mose Biz DadaNicola Caredda, Paul Reid, Renan Santos, Rick Newton, Robert Nelson, Samuel WilsonSamuelle Green, Steven Chmilar, Steven Labadessa, Susannah Martin, Tina Lugo, Vicki Khuzami, Victor Fota, William KangWin Wallace

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner from the list above will be announced on the opening night on August 1st.

In addition to the artists listed above, the following were selected for People’s Choice, which is an opportunity for the public to vote for their favorites and award cash prizes and products from Denik and Trekell.

Adam Laerkesen, Alexis Kandra, Alon Bonder, Audun Grimstad, Billy Stewart, Buket Savci, Carly Mazur, Catarina Rosa, David Habben, Eric Rodriguez, Hyun Jung Ji, Jacob Hicks, James Petrucci, Konstantinos Kyrtis, Jody Christian, Juan Sanabria, Mikey Winsor, Qiurui Du, Russell Prather Violeta Hernandez

Here is some insight into the grueling harrowing sweaty process that Jonathan and jurors had to go through these past months..

Click on each name to learn more about these Delusional artists.  Please join us at the opening reception of Delusional on August 1st from 6 to 9 pm where winners will be announced!  The exhibition will remain on view through August 25.  Stay tuned for details regarding People’s Choice – voting begins on August 6th!

Below is a small selection of works culled from the finalists’ list and their Instagram accounts.

Katie Shima. “Delusional” finalist.

Anthony Solano. “Delusional” finalist.

Alayna Coverly. “Delusional” finalist.

Hiroshi Sato. “Delusional” finalist.

Win Wallace. “Delusional” finalist.

Carly Slade. “Delusional” finalist.

Joshua Flint. “Delusional” finalist.

Click HERE to learn more about “Delusional”


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Koralie’s Trippy Folk Precision is Harmonized for “Indigo Blood Project”

Koralie’s Trippy Folk Precision is Harmonized for “Indigo Blood Project”

Former French Street Artist Koralie is currently having an extensive solo gallery show of paintings, sculpture and installation with Johnathan LeVine Projects in Jersey City, and her geisha is not hard to find – at least her sunny spirit is here.

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The signature Japanese musical and dance entertainer she brought to the streets in the 2000s could be seen as an early influencer for these precise folkly patterned pieces – along with Russian nesting dolls, eastern European braided maidens, the occasional samuri.

Most striking as you walk through this colliding of patterns, colors, and laser cut texture, is the sense that symmetry can make order of the effusion; a series of rhythmically visual punctuations that almost become audio, almost dance.

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The influences emanate from the childhood fantasies of ornamented cultural traditions including Japanese, Russian, and Hopi, but here they are trippily lifted and re-combined with one another through the ordered graphic vision of Koralie, detached from their heavier origins and free to make new friends.

Koralie.  Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Koralie. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Koralie “Indigo Blood Project” Solo Exhibition is currently on view at the Jonathan LeVine Projects. Jersey City, NJ.

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You’ve Got to Be “Delusional” : Art Competition Prizes Announced

You’ve Got to Be “Delusional” : Art Competition Prizes Announced

Friendly reminder that the Delusional Art Competition is coming up and if you are going to submit your artwork to this years big shoo with Jonathan Levine Projects you have about 53 days.

How Long?

“Delusional” artist Trent Taft, finalist from 2017 Delusional Competition (©Trent Taft)

Yep that’s right, artists from all backgrounds and styles are encouraged to submit work in all 2D and 3D mediums (excluding photography, video and performance art) for a chance to win exhibition opportunities, cash prizes, supplies and much more!


Are you Delusional enough?

The Delusional Art Competition is an international juried competition giving artists access to career-changing exposure on a global scale.

Jurors for 2018? We’re glad you asked. In addition to gallerist Jonathan LeVine, Evan Pricco, Editor of Juxtapoz, Yasha Young, Director of Urban National Museum, Steven P. Harrington & Jaime Rojo, Brooklyn Street Art blog founders, and artists Jeff Soto and Tara McPherson comprise this year’s jurors. And the people of course!


The top 40 finalists will be included in a group exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Projects, be featured on the Delusional Art Competition website and be promoted on the gallery’s extensive social media networks. Finalists will also be listed on the gallery’s highly trafficked Artsy page and receive extensive worldwide promotion in the form of email marketing, press release announcements, and widespread social media marketing.





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Delusional Again, Jonathan LeVine Is Looking For You

Delusional Again, Jonathan LeVine Is Looking For You

Uh-oh, looks like Jonathan’s stumbled onto something.

A wild mushroom on a tree in the Enchanted Forest perhaps? A half-full dime bag on the deli floor? The contemporary art worlds Next Great Artist?

Okay its true he may not be the very stable genius you were hoping for, but Jonathan LeVine does have a serious and respected record for championing cutting edge art, high/low art, and everything along that slick and slippery slope of contemporary-street-graffiti-urban-tattoo-punk-dark-pop-surreal-calligraffiti-painterly-oftenly-culture-jamming-détournement-cramming-neo-outsider-crimefighter-biclighter-sidewinder genres which constitute our art requirements today.

He also has smashingly good taste at picking jurors for the 2nd “Delusional Art Competition”, which is kicking off on this frigid January day in New York where the temperature is 6 degrees and the wind is blowing harder than a Bushwick drag ball. What a perfect way to prepare for a summer group show this August at Jonathan LeVine Projects!

Read below for details on this opportunity for artists to get their stuff seen and, based on the successful group show from the first Delusional, the quality of ideas and execution is going to be high! So will many of the attendees, no doubt.


Jonathan LeVine Projects is holding their second “Delusional Art Competition”. Submissions from around the world are welcomed in all 2D and 3D mediums (excluding photography, video, and performance art). We encourage artists from all backgrounds and styles to submit work. Up to 40 finalists will be selected for inclusion in a summer group show from August 1 – 25. Winners will be announced at the opening. Enter for your chance to win a solo exhibition, a group exhibition, promotional opportunities, cash prizes, inclusion in an art fair, and more!


The second “Delusional Art Competition” will be reviewed by high profile jurors including:

Evan Pricco (Editor of Juxtapoz)
Yasha Young (Director of Urban Nation)
Steven P. Harrington & Jaime Rojo (Brooklyn Street Art founders)
Tara McPherson (Artist)
Jeff Soto (Artist)
Jonathan LeVine (Gallerist)


1st Place – Solo Exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Projects
2nd Place – Participation in a group show at Jonathan LeVine Projects
3rd Place – A week of promotion via Jonathan LeVine Projects social media platforms

All finalists will feature on the Delusional website and be listed on the gallery’s highly trafficked Artsy page. Select entries will be promoted on the gallery’s extensive social media networks. Artists will also receive extensive worldwide promotion in the form of email marketing, press release announcements, and widespread social media marketing. Winning images will be seen by an International audience including, art collectors, curators, and other galleries.


• 1 image for each 2D work submitted, 2 images for each 3D work submitted
• Work details (title, year, medium, dimensions, price)
• Pricing: $45 for 3 submissions ($10 for each additional submission)
**Size limit: Paintings – 5 x 5 feet; Sculptures – 5 x 4 feet

All submitted artworks must be for sale (priced at a reasonable market rate) and available to be exhibited from August 1 – 25, 2018. When an art work is sold, Jonathan LeVine Projects will earn a commission of fifty percent (50%) of the net proceeds from the sale.

The deadline to apply to the Jonathan Levine Projects Delusional Art Competition is May 20, 2018.



Jonathan Levine Projects is committed to new and cutting edge art, exploring the terrain of the high/low and everything in between. As a youth growing up in Trenton, New Jersey during the 1980s, Jonathan LeVine recognized the appeal of countercultural aesthetics including punk flyers, comics, graffiti and tattoos.  In 2001, after years of independently curating at alternative venues, he decided to open a gallery specializing in this nascent art movement.  Many people called him and this risky endeavor “delusional”, however, seventeen years later, he’s now the owner of one of the most well know gallery’s in the world and has cultivated the careers of many renowned artists.  Jonathan LeVine is now looking for new artists to join the family. Are you Delusional enough?


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Downtown Miami for the KOOL KIDS : Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017

Downtown Miami for the KOOL KIDS : Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017

Ahhhhh the sun! The sea! The cigarette butt stuck to my leg from last night.

Also, did I wear ONLY this swimsuit and shoes, or did I originally go out with more clothes?

Anyway this is Miami and the annual mural-street art-graffiti-gallery show-art fair-melee is afoot. Wherever you go in Wynwood you are bound to find Instagrammable moments and pretty things pontificating about this or that, but if you want to see good stuff we’re suggesting this year that downtown is the next Wynwood, beginning with the historic Walgreens Building on 200 East Flager Street. Its second iteration, the Juxtapoz Clubhouse feels more like an organically spawned environment; cognizant of the many tributaries from where this art scene evolved, with room for free thought, experimentation, and growth.

Take a trip to another part of Miami this year and see JUX’s many assorted exhibitions and exhibitionists. Here’s a few of the hits we hope you hit.

Juxtapoz Clubhouse Miami 2017

Juxtapoz Magazine is taking over a 3-story department store with art installations, activations, murals, and site-specific projects, featuring works by Conor Harrington, Jean Jullien, Faith XLVII with Inka Kendzia, Ron English, Laurence Vallières, Serge Lowrider, Low Bros, Zane Meyer, Jillian Evelyn, Alex Yanes.

Juxtapoz will also be releasing their new Quarterly edition at the Clubhouse along with editions of Shepard Fairey’s “The Damage Times” newspaper, created in conjunction with his Damaged solo show.

Juxtapoz is also showcasing projects from Jonathan LeVine Projects, Thinkspace, Corey Helford Gallery, Think Tank, Athen B Gallery, Good Mother Gallery, Superchief Gallery, First Amendment, Station 16 Gallery and Urban Nation.

Juxtapoz will also once again team up with Mana Contemporary on a special mural by Conor Harrington and a-soon-to-be revealed skate park project – remember the massive skate park with Mana and Andrew Schoultz in the Wynwood neighborhood.

Historic Walgreens Building
200 East Flager Street

December 7 – 10, 2017
Opening Reception: December 6, 4 – 9 pm


From 7th to 10th of December URBAN NATION is part of the Juxtapoz Magazine CLUBHOUSE project @downtown Miami with Mimi Scholz Arts, #MateusBailon, Insane 51 and Nuno Viegas


Prefab77 “Goddess & Groupies1”

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse featuring the following artists:

Adam WallacavageDavid Choong LeeHandiendan, Jeremy FishJim Salvati, Jim WoodringJoão RuasJosh TiessenJulia IbbiniKevin CyrKip OmoladePrefab77Radosław Liweń and Ronald Gonzalez.

OLEK “Playpen” With Corey Helford Gallery

Los Angeles-based Corey Helford Gallery is showing new stuff by OLEK as part of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse. Olek says “Playpen” is a witty and flirtatious series featuring three new sculptures and an impressive 20-foot installation of an 8-legged “Spider Woman,” adorned with motifs like eyes, lips, hearts and flowers.

Look out for sculptures that represent various fantasy objects — a “Cat Snail” playset, a classical-shaped “Woman Bust” and a potted “Cock Plant” — all of which come to life under the glow of black light. Initially inspired by her own play experience as a young girl, OLEK uses this series to explore concepts of womanhood, sexuality, and feminist ideals.


A collection of works by San Francisco based First Amendment gallery artists will be on the third floor, including:

Andrew Antonaccio
Ellen Rutt
Francesco Lo Castro
Hell’O Collective
Lena Gustafson
Mando Marie
Scott Albrecht


Jaune (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Thinkspace is 2 for 2 here at the Clubhouse during Art Basel week in Miami with James Bullough and Jaune on site leaving their unmistakable marks.


A collection of works and installations by Athen B. artists will include
Brett Flanigan
Cannon Dill
Heather Day
Jet Martinez
Kate Klingbeil
Laura Berger
Maxwell McMaster
Meryl Pataky
Muzae Sesay
Nicolas Romero
Nicomi Nix Turner
Troy Lovegates
Woodrow White
Zio Ziegler


Superchief will feature works by Parker Day, Don Pablo Pedro, UFO 907, Yu Maeda, and Reginald Pean and will be screening Wastedland 2 on Thursday December 7th at 7pm. See our interview with the director here.



Good Mother will feature Egle Zvirblyte & Jose Mendez


Laurence Valliérs. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Station 16 will be featuring a new installation by Laurence Vallières

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