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Rise Up! To the Roof tonight!

Chris Stain is ready to show the peeps on the left coast just what it looks like up on the roof here in the BK. Of course, right now if you went up on my roof you better take a flask of Makers Mark, cuz it it is cold as Lou Dobb’s heart up there this time of year.

If you are going to the opening tonight, plan to get there early because Chris has made a limited edition print especially for the show as a gift to the first fans through the door tonight.  That is so like him.

Anyway, if you can’t make it to the opening, here’s an hors d’oeuvre tray of images to sate your appetite. Try the pigeon pâté!

A formidable team! (Chris Stain courtesy Carmichael)

A formidable team! (Chris Stain courtesy Carmichael)

Here Comes the Sun!  I'm Free.  (Chris Stain courtesy Carmichael Gallery)

Here Comes the Sun! I'm Free! (Chris Stain courtesy Carmichael Gallery)


" Homeward Bound" (Chris Stain courtesy Carmichael Gallery)

In the rear gallery “LIFELINE” a group exhibition featuring Alex Hornest, Jim Darling, Ilia of Btoy and Sesper with Andreas Ragnar Kasapsis in the Showcase Space.

Carmichael Gallery

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