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Trinity College, Widener Gallery Present: Poster Boy Solo Show “Street Alchemy” (Hartford, CT)

brooklyn-street-art-poster-boy-Trinity College-Widener Gallery

Opening Reception:
Trinity College, Widener Gallery (Hartford, CT)
Thursday, September 15
Free Food & DJ

After Party, Drinks & DJ from 8pm-? Location TBA

In case you don’t already know:

Poster Boy is a political street artist(s) from Brooklyn, New York. Poster Boy is known for spontaneously altering and collaging street and subway billboards with only a razor. The work ranges from incisive social commentary to satire to toilet humor, but like all unsanctioned graffiti and street art, it is considered vandalism and thus deemed illegal. All the while, the corporate graffiti that bombards our senses and pollutes our visual environment with advertisements remains unquestioned. This hypocrisy is the driving force behind Poster Boy’s work. In turn, the viewer is forced to consider the difference between what is legal and what is right.

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