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“Breuckelen”, We Go Hard : Street Artist EMA

They say you don’t know what you have till it’s gone, and Street Artist EMA is lately having a hankering for the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, even though she’s in Scotland now after a decade in BK. It was a period of great personal change, challenge, and inspiration for her development as a person and as an artist.  That’s why her current show is called “Breuckelen”.

brooklyn-street-art-copyright-EMA-Breuckelen-recoat-gallery-web-10EMA (photo © EMA)

From spraying graffiti in the street in the early 1990s to gallery shows and back and forth, EMA is one of the many artists who sees her expression as a part of a continuum.  Now she’s showing ink drawings that blend influences from Art Deco, science, fiction, and graffiti for this solo show called “Breuckelen”, a reference to the Dutch name it had in the 1600s.


EMA (photo © EMA)

In preparation for her show opening Friday, EMA gives us a look at the action in her studio. Explains EMA, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of my move to New York. To celebrate that, I am doing a year round of artistic projects on that theme.”


EMA (photo © EMA)


EMA (photo © EMA)


EMA (photo © EMA)


EMA (photo © EMA)


EMA (photo © EMA)

For more information about “Breuckelen” click on the link below:

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