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BSA Film Friday: 02.09.18

BSA Film Friday: 02.09.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Serenity” with SNIK in Manchester
2. Hellbent in Albany, NY
3. And Now a Message From Our Sponsors: Aphukenbrake
4. Low Bros in Rabat, Morocco


BSA Special Feature: “Serenity” with SNIK in Manchester

“To women who stood against injustice. We honor you. We witness to your courage and are humbled by your sacrifice,” says the narrator and activist Leigh Cook about the suffragettes in this new video following the duo SNIK as they create “Serenity” on Little Lever Street in the northern quarter of Manchester, directed by Doug Gillen at Fifth Walls TV.

And below is a behind-the-scenes reporter-on-the-ground-and-in-cherry picker video where Mr. Gillen speaks with organizers who attempt the gentrification issue that accompanies the mural campaign they’re expanding and Laura takes a swing at the topics of feminism, empowerment and the #METOO movement. Doug does some dancing.


Hellbent in Albany, NY

A promotional video for a mobile company using the mural painting of Street Artist Hellbent painting in Albany, New York.

And Now a Message From Our Sponsors: Aphukenbrake

Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 12 / Rabat, Morocco

“Good memories of last year’s JIDAR festival in Rabat, Morocco,” say Low Bros in this very entertaining brief visit to a beautiful part of the world. The use of their own footage throughout makes this much more eclectic and personal. Thumbs up for the music track by ADP & Levi Lennox.


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BSA Film Friday: 08.30.13




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: Augustine Kofie in Paris with TRBDSGN, C215 is “Dreaming In The Back of The Classroom”, Ben Slow with Jim McElvaney and Best Ever in London, and Know Hope prepares for “The Abstract And The Very Real”.

BSA Special Feature: Augustine Kofie
in Paris with TRBDSGN

Kofie, Hobz and Honda address the wall schematically and with precision; an integrated and collaborative conversation with cans, tape, diffusers, an improvised protracter, and cell phones of course. It’s an unassuming record of a dedicated trio working together while kids fly by on transportation methods that are similarly time-tested as well as improvised.



C215 is Dreaming In The Back of The Classroom

For his recent TED Talk Christian Guémy reveals his philosophical approach to his creativity on the street, the impact of his personal relationships and his life path on his work.  It is instructive to see the profound effect of a persons’ biography on the selection of work and even how it is expressed on the street.


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Ben Slow, Jim McElvaney and Best Ever in London

Four guys on Old Street in London take on the challenge of a huge wall together at The White Collar Factory by Fifth Wall.

Know Hope prepares for “The Abstract And The Very Real”

The weight of the world, patriotism, and his place in the street. Living in Israel, Street Artist/fine artist Know Hope understands well the personal, the political, the historical –  and how a continuously charged environment affects the art he creates. For his new gallery show at Lazarides, the artist reflects on his poetic approach to abstract realities. While examining walls, borders, and fences Know Hope pursues avenues to show how the bonds between emotional perceptions and political ones are inseparable.

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