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BSA Film Friday 09.06.13

BSA Film Friday 09.06.13




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:Narcelio Grud “Bus Stop Sound”, Pablo Aravena “Time Wastes For Nobody”, Dan Witz – Light Star Express, El Ton0 – Random Mural Painting, and Mimi The Clown is a Rock Star .

BSA Special Feature: Narcelio Grud
Bus Stop Sound

Narcelio Grud knows how to experiment – in fact his primary driving force as a Street Artist is to innovate and discover. Released earlier this summer, this new video details the refurbishing of a bus stop with musical instrumentation. Not only does Mr. Grud and his assistant reconfigure the bus stop in broad daylight while people are standing in line and waiting, there is a natural curiosity and interaction alerted at the prospect of beating a drum.


Pablo Aravena “Time Wastes For Nobody”

Ripo and She One are in Barcelona adorning the rubble, hidden from the main veins of commerce and the public stampede. Presented as a wistful tone poem, the sense of being there is as palpable as just the sense of being. This work is not opportunist as much as a concert, a collaborative trio – a destroyed building and two painters. It’s a moment caught, and lost.


Dan Witz – Light Star Express

A succinct overview with the artist of some of the projects on the street that he has executed including his “Wailing Walls” series of Street Art installations, his project called “WTF”, his 9/11 shrines and his masterful way with oils and glazes to create tableaus of glowing light – intimate moments of warm illumination.


El Ton0 – Random Mural Painting

An indoor mural incorporating the concept of randomness with 51 kids over 2 days creating 62 lines, which together create this mural with Street Artist El Tono at the International Montessori School of Beijing.

Mimi The Clown is a Rock Star

The French Street Artist continues to mess around with stencils and celebrity – his own. Set to a soundtrack of Ramones reprising the 1960s “Let’s Dance” Mimi cavorts with walls and gallery shows in makeup, a rare combination of performance, personality, and preening. A clown in the most serious sense, Mimi brings the tradition of public maudlin/comic performance and overlays it with the celebrity culture of the modern age, an entanglement that is difficult to decode.



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