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Entes y Pesimo Go To Mexico

Cholula, Pachuca, Puebla, D.F.

Peruvian Street Artists Entes y Pesimo traveled around Mexico as summers sun began to give everyone a rest from its intensity in the last month or so. Continuing to develop their figurative style and define technique, they usually take a long wall as an opportunity to let their figures lie down. In the case of the tall wall, they bring in more of the family.

Recurring themes are care-taking and seeking shelter from the harshness of life. During their trip they visited the central cities of Cholula, Pachuca, Puebla and of course Mexico City (or D.F.) in Mexico. Here are examples of this latest work for BSA readers.

Entes y Pesimo. Mexico 2012. (photo © courtesy Entes y Pesimo)

Entes y Pesimo. Mexico 2012. (photo © courtesy Entes y Pesimo)

Entes y Pesimo. Mexico 2012. (photo © courtesy Entes y Pesimo)

Entes y Pesimo. Mexico 2012. (photo © courtesy Entes y Pesimo)

Entes y Pesimo. Mexico 2012. (photo © courtesy Entes y Pesimo)

Entes y Pesimo. Mexico 2012. (photo © courtesy Entes y Pesimo)


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M.City in M. City : Polish Stencillist in Mexico

MAMUTT Arte and the Antique Toy Museum of Mexico (MUJAM) are continuing in their quest to invite the emerging slate of Street Art talents of today to bomb big time in their beloved Mexico City (D.F.). Last month Polish Street Artist M-City did 6 pieces to accompany the existing pieces by ROA, Liqen, Broken Crow, Koko, and Dronz among others.

Invited by Gonzalo Alvarez of MAMUUT, here are exclusive images of the creation of M-City working on his piece in Mexico City, where the large scale stencillist shared sketches of his work in progress with some local fans of his work.

Read our interview with M-City when he was in frozen New York in January 2010 here.

brooklyn-street-art-mcity-mujam-mexico-city-gonzalo-alvarez-15-webM-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


The orange scaffolding is a great contrast to the graphic new piece going up by M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City has a stylized stencil tag. (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


A broken skate deck becomes a perfect canvas for M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


Afloat in the wheels and cogs of industry. M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


Evidently, the feeling is mutual. M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


New M-City pieces proudly displayed. (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


The finished collaged stencil piece by M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)

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Fun Friday 01.28.11


Titi Freak makes print for OneThirty3


Titi Freak (image courtesy of OneThirty3)

Titi Freak from São Paulo via Japan has created a unique voice in Street Art in the last decade. A perfect East-West mashup of all the things you kids love… fashion, pop, illustration, commix, graff, and color. He’s got a new print coming out Feb 24 with OneThirty3 and we have a sneak peak here.


More info at OneThirty3

Ben Eine in Action

Breaking: ROA and SEGO making new piece in Mexico City

From on the scene reporter Gonzalo Gag we got the news that a Street Art duet is taking place on the streets of D.F. right now.


Sego and ROA scope out the wall (photos © and courtesy of Gonzalo Gag) – Please credit.

How To Sell A Banksy

Winter Wonderland in Brooklyn

These photos by Jaime Rojo give you a little idea of the magic we had this week in the BK.

“Urban Diorama” (Photo © Jaime Rojo)


Red Vespa (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Don’t Forget LIVE Chat on Brooklynite Monday Night

You can chat with Martyn Reed of Nuart LIVE when you log in and see the WORLD DEBUT of the film this Monday the 31st.  It’s free and you might win a copy of the film. More HERE


Ever Wonder Why You Are Nervous All the Time?

Swearword Alert! Hilarious spoof on the predilictions of those cable news stations that tell you it’s ALL EMERGENCY ALL THE TIME!

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