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New Documentary on LUDO in the Streets of Paris

The daily barrage of images and messages you see and hear merge together into a sort of white noise, a sort of mottled grey blue red yellow green purple black white noise. You will be lobbied today in the public sphere.

We have become inured to it, yet it persists. No matter how much you think that you have placed the ads into a peripheral role, they will still enter your consciousness there, in your periphery.

When Street Artist Ludo replaces bus shelter and billboard ads with his art, it is an attempted end run, a short circuiting of the commercialization of public space. In a subtle way that doesn’t jar you out of the subconscious messaging milieu, LUDO’s crisp tech-bio splicing of natural and man-made merely redirects your attention to a parallel track that leads back to you.

In this brand new video LUDO allows you into his studio to see how he makes his work and to tag along as he replaces a few selected commercial messages in the ubiquitous ad stream with his own ads that re-engineer common perception. It is interesting to see how simple it is to re-brand our environment, and LUDO is glad that director Laurie Grossett has recorded the process with Defense Dafficher. “It’s the first time I worked with a production company, a real director,” he says about the new mini-documentary, “It was a long process but I think they did a nice job.”

LUDO’s commentary has also been translated to English by Daily Motion so click “subtitles” to turn it on and understand the artist. Even without the words, the visuals communicate effectively. That’s the point.

LUDO in Paris, by Defense Dafficher, directed by Laurie Grosset


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