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Curbs & Stoops Presents: Active Space X Beat Nite (Brooklyn, NY)

Curbs and Stoops
brooklyn-street-art-curbs-and-stoops-Sebastian-Vallejo 5 Jardiìn-Galaìctico.-web

Sebastian Vallejo “Jardiìn Galaìctico” Detail. Image courtesy of the Curbs & Stoops

Comin’ in hot: This Friday, February 18th, Curbs & Stoops is pleased to announce the grand opening of our space on Norte Maar’s Beat Nite. The Curbs & Stoops Active Space, is a collaboration with Welner Associates to create a progressive cultural center designed to promote community through art. This Friday we open the first 6,000 square foot of space our space. The Active Space will house artists studios, our residency program, exhibition spaces, and our art accessibility think tank that will continue to produce the Curbs & Stoops blog and curated publication. Friday’s opening will include five exhibitions, three open studios and a party all curated to highlight the scope and caliber of artists we will be collaborating with.
Participating artists include: Angel Otero, Ashley Zelinskie, Brian Maller, Brian Matthew, Christopher Rivera, Hector Arce, Hector Hernandez, Jason Mones, Jeffrey Pena, Jonathan Chapline, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Pep Williams, Rachel LaBine, Sebastian Vallejo, Lapiztola Collective, UR New York Collective and Super Pop Collective.
About Beat Nite: Norte Maar’s well loved bi-annual Bushwick block party Beat Nite: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late is part art walk, part pub crawl, Beat Nite encourages an accessible and informal introduction to the neighborhood’s vibrant art community. This month’s episode of Beat Nite is sponsered by Hyperallergic, and will feature shows at local spaces English Kills, Centotto, Fortress to Solitude, Famous Accounts, and re-installation by Austin Thomas of the apartment gallery that started it all, Norte Maar.


566 Johnson Street 2nd Floor
Friday, February 18, 6-10PM
Morgan L Stop

Opening night party with DJ Grimmace.
Beers courtesy of DogFish Head.

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Oaxacan Street Art Collective Lapiztola : New Print With Curbs & Stoops


Lapiztola "Grito" Image Courtesy of Curbs and Stoops
Lapiztola “Grito” Image Courtesy of Curbs and Stoops

Qaxacan Street Artists created their name Lapiztola by forging a fabulous play on words – the Spanish word for Pistol (pistola) and the Spanish word for pencil (lapiz). Combined, the name Lapiztola is a hot spicy name well suited for shooting graphic elements rat-a-tat-tat into the Street Art scene in a Mexican city that is beginning to feel under siege.

“Our style emerged from the need to express and demonstrate against what has been happening in our city.”

To see the press release and to purchase this print click on the link below:

Curbs and Stoops

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Curbs and Stoops Presents: “Something Good” An Inaugural Group Show

Curbs and Stoops

If you’re the type who let’s the media decide how you feel about the world, you might be inclined to feel pretty negative about the state of things. Wars are raging, stocks are falling, and the environment has gone to shit. But those of us who turn the volume down on network news stations, while keeping our ears tuned to less impersonal sources, see something different happening. Something Good. People are waking up, bridges are… being built, challenges are being met and transcended. We are learning to speak to one another in manners that transcend the language barrier. And one of the most profound, universal dialects that we can speak is the language of art.

Not only has the technological boom of the late 20th century changed the way we communicate globally, it has had a profound effect on the manner in which art is displayed and promoted. 20 years ago art students were warned that having their art online would not only cheapen it, but open it to the threat of plagiarism and misinterpretation. The past few years has seen the art world, and the young artists who are constantly redefining it, embracing the digital world. This has allowed an interchange of ideas and styles so monumental that even the most stridently old school of critiques will have to admit: The game has changed.

Collaboration has become common place. Mixed media has taken on new meanings. And the notion that a group show requires a coherent visual theme is an idea on the endangered species list. This August 14th, preeminent contemporary art publication Curbs & Stoops will open their inaugural group show at 220 Atelier in Chelsea New York. The show includes pieces in a variety of media from a wide range of the world’s brightest rising talents including: Aaron Nagel, Ashley Zelinskie, Carlos Donjuan, Chor Boogie, Hector Hernandez, Jeffrey Pena, Korakrit, Lapiztola, Pep Williams, and UR New York. The show will serve as a visual manifestation of the publication’s written goal to provide exposure to stellar talents who have one common theme to their work: It’s good. It’s really fucking good.

The “Something Good” show is curated by Chloe Gallagher and Jeffrey Pena. The opening will be an entire night of art and culture with Salsa dancing early in the evening with World Salsa Finalist, Alfred Pena and will end with an exciting performance by local New York City rising hip hop artists who have performed at top cultural venues through out the city including the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

August 14 at 6:00pm – August 15 at 12:00am

220 Atelier

220 West 30th Street Second Floor
New York, NY

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