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Crash and Daze at Ad Hoc



May 15th through June 14th 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, May 15th 2009

A contemporary of Keith Haring and a modern-day master of this present day art form, Crash One shoots his metaphorical arrows into art galleries, subway cars and dizzying flashes across concrete walls. His is a lavish gift to the eyes and a statement in time and space that celebrates the movements and change of an ever changing world. His work is a direct descendant of the Roman wall-scribes but he has evolved this inherited gift back to its simplest form: “tagging,” leaving his name. Great artists sign their names on the paintings they leave behind, in this new/old incarnation the artist leaves just his name. A reduction of unadulterated form; or “refined” art.

Daze, aka Chris Ellis, began painting New York City subway trains, the canvas of choice for the serious graffiti artist, in the late 1970s. After moving from subway trains to gallery walls he has exhibited in Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, Florence and many other cities around the world.

Ad Hoc

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