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Maximiliano Ruiz Peels Back Layers : 14 From 2014

Maximiliano Ruiz Peels Back Layers : 14 From 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you charming and sparkling BSA readers!
It’s been a raucous sleigh ride with you and we thank everyone most sincerely for your support and participation this year. A sort of tradition for us at the end of this December we are marking the year with “14 from 2014”. We asked photographers and curators from various perspectives of street culture to share a gem with all of us that means something to them. Join us as we collectively say goodbye and thank you to ’14.
Author and editor of Graffiti Argentina, Nuevo Mundo: Latin American Street Art, and Walls & Frames: Fine Art from the Streets, Maximiliano Ruiz can tell you about the intersection of the street with the gallery and fine art collections with a great deal of acumen. This year he shared with BSA readers a story that intersected Street Artist Pejac, a ship, and the exact time Monet completed a painting. Here he takes a step back to share with us the profane and profound: the elements involved in the Street Art scene wherever you are – in this case Moscow.

“Urban art can take endless forms and is constantly bringing surprises with its evolution.

But no matter what, it has always been and will always be just a very thin layer of paint on a wall.”

~ Maximiliano Ruiz


Layers in Moscow, Russia. (photo © @ches_ches)


See Maximiliano’s photos in our posting >>Monet Rising: Spanish Street Artist Pejac Impressionist Tribute on Ship




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