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Fun Friday 05.06.11


SABER at Opera Gallery now and Print Release Saturday

Los Angeles based artist SABER is in New York City for his solo show at Opera Gallery “The American Graffiti Artist”. The gallery is open from 11 to 7pm.


Saber “Buffed” (Image courtesy © of the artist)

On Saturday from 3 -6 pm Opera is having a print release, seen here below.


Click on the link below to learn more about this show:

To see a video of the artist at work in his L.A. Studio click on the link below:

Leon Reid IV Closing Party at Pandemic Tonight

The folks at Pandemic Gallery really know how to throw a party that is at once welcoming, neighborly, and debauched. Tonight they invite you to the closing party for Leon Reid IV “Identity Theft” A Decade of Public Art.


Leon Reid IV “Identity Theft” (photo © Jaime Rojo)

ELIK at Brooklynite Saturday

After half decade, Elik returns with a big opening in BedStuy tomorrow at Brooklynite Gallery. Always a good show and a good time – special guest music maker the legendary DJ Kool Herc.


According to Rae and Hope at Brooklynite, “ELIK’s been hoarding scrap wood, furniture, metal signage and a hell of a lot of city trash with plans to turn this place into some sort of ‘shanty town’. He’s politely insisted we turn the space over to him and find something else to do until opening night.”

Musical Guest: DJ KOOL HERC
Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd., Brooklyn, New York 11233.
Phone 347-405-5976 •

Martha Cooper “Remix” Ends this Weekend

In Culver City, California Carmichael Gallery invites you this Saturday to view the landmark show Martha Cooper “Remix” before it closes. This is the last weekend this show will be on view and if you have not seen it you must go!

brooklyn-street-art-jaime-rojo-martha-cooper-blade-carmichael-gallery-3-web Martha Cooper “Blade” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Artist Blade Remixes Martha Cooper’s original photo (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Artist Blade Remixes Martha Cooper’s original photo (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Holdup Art Gallery Presents: “Hi-Graff”


“Hi-Graff” is an installation-based street art exhibition that explores the concept of Graffiti as a contemporary art movement. The exhibition, which opens on May 7th 7-11pm, showcases graffiti in its most original form –collaborative murals applied directly to walls.

To learn more about this show click here

Happy Mother’s Day in the Mission District, SF


Artists and humanitarians Jeffrey Waldman and Dave Harmatz came up with a nice little project for Mother’s Day in The Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

brooklyn-street-art-mothers-Day-jeffrey-waldman-Dave Harmatz

Forever Stamp
“Mission Statement: To send some much deserved love to moms and to be a part of strengthening a relationship. More than that, it was to inspire and motivate people to go out and create works of their own. To showcase how simple and cheap a project can be while still delivering a tangible product amid a fantastic and universal message. Plus we had all these old envelopes to get rid of.”

Click here to continue reading about this project

Overunder,Veng of RWK and Ephemeron in Coney Island

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Street Artist Ethos Surreally Big in LA

Street Artist Ethos Surreally Big in LA

Bryson Strauss and the L.A. Art Machine keep an eye on global art phenomena and support the ongoing conservation of Los Angeles’ substantial outdoor mural collection, continuing to promote a vital art community on all levels. This week they hosted Brazilian Street Arts Ethos to come and paint and the results have been giant! Talented photographer Carlos Gonzalez jumped into some very tricky spots to get you these dynamic process shots of Ethos in action.


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


Ethos (image © Carlos Gonzalez)


L.A. Art Machine

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Getting Really High on the West Coast: Mear One, Chor Boogie, Shark Toof, Shepard Fairey

During the recent Los Angeles Art Show 2011, four Street Artists regaled the residences at the Ritz Carlton with brand new pieces. Mear One, Chor Boogie, and Shark Toof each worked for 6 days in the highest residence on the West Coast in advance of the big opening party hosted by Shepard and Amanda Fairey. Curated by Bryson Strauss, the show features aerosol, traditional brush painting, and a pulpy wall of wheat-pasted pieces.


Mear One at work (photo © Kohshin Finley)


That’s fine. Mear One puts down the cans and picks up the paintbrush. (photo © Kohshin Finley)


(photo © Kohshin Finley)


Mr. Toof tagging up the penthouse (photo © Kohshin Finley)


Shark Toof attempts to hug his paint cans (photo © Kohshin Finley)


A wall of pop/pulp inspired imagery adapted by Shark Toof. Yes, I know what you’re going to say. (photo © Kohshin Finley)


Always test-spray first for smoove flow. (photo © Kohshin Finley)


Hold it just right; Chor Boogie flossing his creature (photo © Kohshin Finley)


If you gave him 3 colors, he would feel mute. Chor Boogie doing the color therapy. (photo © Kohshin Finley)

Special thanks to very talented LA-based photographer Kohshin Finley for these BSA exclusive pics.

See more photos of the guys setting up on Hi- Fructose HERE:

See a sound-clippishly funny interview on the local news station with Chor and Shark Toof HERE:

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