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“Three the Hard Way” Sneak Peek with Kofie, Bruno, and Inscoe

Traditional letterforms are melting and straightening and refracting and layering and abstracting and slicing into geometric forms tonight in Portland Oregon as “Three The Hard Way” opens with men who came up through graffiti and embraced a new enthusiasm for this modern visual vocabulary.

Hard in this case doesn’t refer to their individual dispositions but it may refer to the amount of effort and skill they each have put into building a body of work, and a point of view. Naturally it also name-checks Hard-Edge painting and the surety and confidence you have to have to make choices in your art.


Augustine Kofie for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery)

So here you are, some fresh images of some of the new works on display tonight by Augustine Kofie, Jerry Joker Inscoe, Christopher Derek Bruno, three artists whose large scale works on the street have taken different directions over the last decades but now all have led to this one place.

Lucky folk in Portland will meet all three if they go tonight. Congratulations to the curator who possesses an architectural sensibility, Sven Davis, for creating this sharp focus on dimension, form, composition, and space. This trio smartly soars.


Augustine Kofie for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery) Brooklyn-Street-Art-Augustine-Kofie-2013-BBlock-10x17-Costal-calculations__FULL_Breeze-Block-Gallery

Augustine Kofie for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery) Brooklyn-Street-Art-Christopher-Derek-Bruno-201212_LC7_divide_et_impera_front_Breeze-Block-Gallery

Christopher Derek Bruno for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery)    Brooklyn-Street-Art-Christopher-Derek-Bruno-20131025_SS6_all_sides_represented_front_Breeze-Block-Gallery

Christopher Derek Bruno for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery)


Jerry Joker Inscoe  for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery) Brooklyn-Street-Art-Jerry-Inscoe-Nothing_To_Give_Breeze-Block-Gallery

Jerry Joker Inscoe  for “Three The Hard Way” (image courtesy and © Breeze Block Gallery)

Breeze Block Gallery presents:
Three The Hard Way: Augustine Kofie / Jerry Joker Inscoe / Christopher Derek Bruno

Three-person exhibition curated by Sven Davis

Breeze Block Gallery
Portland OR.

November 7 – 30, 2013



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Breeze Block Gallery Presents: olive47 “Bonita Bonita” (Portland, Oregon)

“bonita bonita”

A solo exhibition curated by Sven Davis

2 May – 1 June 2013

“Bonita bonita” is taken from the catcall olive47 would hear from the local men and the also the compliments heard from the local ladies about her work when painting a series of murals in Mexico earlier this year. bonita bonita is a visual Garden of Eden, a place of beauty within a world of turmoil. Drawing on the power of myth for a significant element of its subject matter, bonita bonita applies symbolism and a visual discourse of spirituality in its presentation of a collective narrative of nature and morality in an environment where temptation is ever present. olive47’s bold use of color operates at a visceral level and activates an emotional response to the saturation throughout the body of work as a cerebral communication device. bonita bonita will contain paintings on wood panels presented individually, as assemblages and also combined within mixed media installations.

The exhibition opens Thursday 2nd May 2013 6pm, with a preview evening on Wednesday 1st May 2013 6pm alongside the group exhibition Wider than a postcard. The artist will be in attendance.

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Breeze Block Gallery Presents “Wider than a Post Card” A group Exhibition (Portland, Oregon)

Wider Than A Postcard which opens this May 2, 2013, at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland.

The show is curated by Sven Davis and includes postcard-sized works by:
Aaron De La Cruz
Aaron Nagel
Adam Wallacavage
Adam Weir
Alex Brown
Alex Lukas
Alex Roulette
Alexey Luka
Alicia Dubnyckyj
Alvaro Ilizarbe
Amy Casey
Andreas Englund
Andres Guerrero
Andrew Hem
Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew McAttee
Andrew Schoultz
Andy Council
Anthony Sneed
Anthony Zinonos
Augustine Kofie
Bill McRight
Blaine Fontana
Bob 2
Brendan Monroe
Brian Donnelly
Brin Levinson
Britta Geisler
Bryce Kanights
Bwana Spoons
Caleb Neelon
Candice Tripp
Carl Cashman
Casey Gray
Chelsea Grolla
Cheryl Dunn
China Mike
Chris Blackstock
Chris Scarborough
Chris Valkov
Christian Mendoza
Christopher Derek Bruno
Clark Goolsby
Clayton Brothers
Coco 144
Cody Hudson
Conrad Crespin
Corey Arnold
Crystal Wagner
Dale Grimshaw
Dana Brown
Dana Louise Kirkpatrick
David Bray
David MacDowell
David O’Brien
David Shillinglaw
Deedee Cheriel
Deth P Sun
Dmitri Fedosseev
Drew Tyndell
Duncan Jago
Edwin Ushiro
Ellannah Sadkin
Emma Tooth
Eric Shaw
Erik Foss
Erik Mark Sandberg
Evah Fan
Francesco Igory Deiana
Frank Gonzales
Gary Taxali
Gen Duarte
Graphic Surgery
Greg Eason
Gregory Euclide
Henry Gunderson
Hilary Pecis
How & Nosm
Ian Francis
Ian Stevenson
Jacob Magraw Mickelson
Jacob Whibley
James Benjamin Franklin
Jason Thielke
Jeff Depner
Jeff Gillette
Jen Corace
Jenny Odell
Jerry Inscoe
Jessica Hess
Jocelyn Duke
Joe Ryckebosch
John Casey
John Petricciani
Jon Burgerman
Jordin Isip
Josh Agle
Josh Keyes
Joshua Krause
Joshua Petker
Jud Bergeron
Judith Supine
Kai & Sunny
Karin Krommes
Katrin Fridriks
Kenji Hirata
Kevin Cyr
Kevin Earl Taylor
Kevin McQuaid
Kevin Peterson
Know Hope
Kyle Jorgensen
Laura Bifano
Lee Baker
Lex Thomas
Louis Reith
LX One
Marilena Staudenmaier
Mario Wagner
Marissa Textor
Mark Dean Veca
Mark Schoening
Mark Warren Jacques
Mary Iverson
Matt Haber
Matthew Craven
Matthew Curry
Matthew Feyld
Melinda Beck
Michael De Feo
Michael Hsiung
Michael Murphy
Michael Peck
Mike Ballard
Mike Egan
Mike Maxwell
Mike Stilkey
Moneyless/Teo Pirsi
Morgan Blair
Mr Penfold
Mysterious Al
Nate Frizzell
Paul Barnes
Pedro Matos
Pete Fowler
Pete Watts
Reginald S. Aloysius
Rey Parla
Rich Jacobs
Richard Colman
Robert Hardgrave
Robert Phoenix
Russell Leng
Ryan Bubnis
Ryan de la Hoz
Ryan Dineen
Ryan Jacob Smith
Saelee Oh
Samahra Little
Scott Listfield
Scott Malbaurn
Shie Moreno
Sidney Pink
Simon Monk
Sloan White
St. Monci
Stephanie Buer
Steve More
Sweet Toof
Sylvia Ji
Teresa Duck
Tim Karpinski
Titi Freak
Tofer Chin
Tom French
Tripper Dungan
William Sager
Winston Smith
Zach Johnsen

For details, please visit the Breeze Block Gallery website.

Wider Than a Postcard at Breeze Block Gallery
Thursday May 2 – June 1, 2013
323 NW 6th, Portland, Oregon 97209

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