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Nomadé Assumes Throne In Burning Los Angeles

LA Freewalls is an ongoing project of legal walls for street artists in Los Angeles that began about a year ago. This is the second time that the LA-based street art collective known as Nomadé participates in LA Freewalls with one of their Roman odes.

Produced by Jetset Graffiti and Lahoda Fine Arts on 50,000 sf of the downtown walls, Nomadé joins other artists who have participated this year including Shepard Fairey, Saber, D*Face, Dabs and Myla, Atlas, Asylm and Andy Rios.

Nomade "The Throne" (Photo © BSA)


“The Throne” (Photo © BSA

With installations that are at once swaggering, metaphorical, and self-deprecatory, the collective is precision minded in their attention to each detail of their dense productions.  This installation honors the oft-admonished directive of seasoned street artists to have good placement – just check out the crumbling facade incorporated into the piece, and the echoing of the cornice detail. This soldier is sitting astride a deteriorating Rome, defending it even as it falls.

Says one the the Nomadé of the Freewalls experience,”It is a great project! We feel privileged to be among so many talented artists. We love seeing our fans, meeting people, passing out posters and stickers. Great fun.”

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