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BSA Film Friday: 01.03.20

BSA Film Friday: 01.03.20


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Swoon: Cicada at Deitch
2. Biancoshock: GRAFFITRICKS
3. Bien Urbain Festival 2019 Re-Cap by Kristina and Nazar from MZM Projects
4. ARTinfect 4 – The Pfaff Project Part 2

BSA Special Feature: Swoon: Cicada at Deitch

Long time supporter of Street Artist Swoon in her work on the street and in the studio, gallery director Jeffery Deitch has again given a platform to the enlightened wanderings and otherworldly investigations of the artist with a new exhibition in Manhattan. Directed by Frederic King, the character/s of the artists now have dimension, and movement, and a curious way of revealing and concealing. Once again the undercurrents in Swoon’s work are formidable, the presentation ornately manifested.


Biancoshock is back with a new collection of handmade tools that enable hoodlums to write graffiti, or some variation of it in a multitude of ways. In a continuous stance of provocation, the Italian conceptualist redefines the street game by creating one ingenious invention after another. For him, “This is a simple demonstration that creativity can easily fight every kind of institutional control and prohibitive policies.”

Bien Urbain Festival 2019 Re-Cap by Kristina and Nazar from MZM Projects

The 9th edition of Bien Urbain is just completed and MZM Projects presents a tonal treatment to the uniquely contextual festival. You don’t know who the stars are, because in the case of Bien Urbain it truly is a more inclusive conversation – to use an overused word – about the role of art and intervention in the urban environment.

ARTinfect 4 – The Pfaff Project Part 2

The graffiti writer’s lexicon continues to evolve and spread into areas that early writers would have considered verboten.  Today graffiti artists often do the same stuff as Street Artists but the labels aren’t important as long as you know how to command the can. 

Here in Kaiserlautern, a city in southwest Germany, the artist Carl Kenz has curated the new edition of ARTinfect with a sensibility toward space that recognizes the individual artist – and is a little uncommon in the ‘graffiti jam’ event world. Here you see that each artist is afforded ample industrial framing to develop their work – unimpeded by a too-close neighbor. These abandoned factories are often splendid staging spaces, and it is good to see this international selection of artists granted a good place to create harmony with the decay.

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