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BSA Film Friday: 04.05.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: ROA in Cambodia, MOMO and El Tono Snap Your Attention in France, Conor Harrington in Norway, and Shepard Fairey in London for “Sound and Vision”

BSA Special Feature:
ROA: A Trip to Cambodia

Street Art and Skateboarding – What’s not to like?

Presented by The SK8room, here is a brand new video of Street Artist ROA. Twenty percent of all sales that come from this campaign will be donated to Skateistan, a not-for-profit that teaches empowerment through skateboarding to children in impoverished countries like Afghanistan and Cambodia.

You may remember some of these images from our posting

ROA in Mexico, Gambia, and Cambodia on September 13, 2012


MOMO and El Tono Snap Your Attention in France

Experimenting a little with a revolutionary new painting contraption, here are two of the modern minimalists on the Street Art scene today demonstrating how to paint with a snap line in Besançon.

Old Norse: Conor Harrington’s trip to Vardo, Norway

A short poetic film by Andrew Telling documenting Conor Harrington’s trip to Vardø, Norway, with some incidental paintings thrown in to remind you why you started watching. The  sumptous, stunning score by Lucinda Chua leads your mind into a Nordic trance.

Shepard Fairey “Sound and Vision”

In London for the music inspired show at Stolen Space, Street Artist Shepard Fairey introduces you to some of his influences in music and to Z-Trip, the living breathing musical component of the installation. Also, he shipped a thousand of his own records to the show. Dude.  Also, a few street slaps at the end.

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Fun Friday 05.20.11


1. Learn How to Count to 20
2. HUSH new show “Twin” Saturday at New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood, CA.
3. Oh, Word? Word To Mother at FAME 2010 (Video)
4. BOXI, Dust the Furniture, Draw the Curtains (VIDEO)
5. APEX Rocking Jeans at White Walls Tonight
6. Supakitch y Koralie in Mexico City (VIDEO)
7.M-City in Warsaw, Poland (VIDEO)

Today is May 20th! Can you count to 20?

Shout out to all the kids who grew up with Sesame Street and learned some serious counting skillzzzzzz. Happy Friday.

HUSH new show “Twin” Saturday at New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood, CA.

Quietly exuberant Hush opens a brand new collection of his pieces at New Image tomorrow night, and he’s been spraying the bejezus out of the walls of the gallery before hanging the new pieces.

Gallery owner Marsea Goldberg, brings Hush to her space after a number of years of watching his work evolve. “The interesting thing about Hush’s art is the combination of influences. His artwork posses a distinct link to traditional figurative painting specific to the UK while also possessing an elegant combination of  the abstract and decorative,” she says.


Hush (photo © Todd Mazer)

Stay tuned for our feature on HUSH tomorrow with more images by Todd Mazer directly from where the action is taking place in Los Angeles.




with musical performances by




New Image Art Gallery

7908 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90046


Oh, Word?

Andrew Telling presents ‘MADRE” a small film with the work of Wordtomother at the FAME Festival 2010

Dust the Furniture, Draw the Curtains

Beyond Stencilling with Boxi – Thanks to Martin at Nuart for showing us this.

Street Artist Boxi creates “The Curtain”, an incredibly realistic 6 layer hand cut stencil.

8mm MDF , 12v Dimmable SMD LED’s, 180 x 220cm, 2009 – 2011

APEX Rocking Jeans at White Walls Tonight

APEX does an entire gallery’s worth of his “super burners” all over denim.


More information about the show

Supakitch y Koralie in Mexico City

Filmaciones de la Ciudad presents these two Street Artists while they were in Mexico City recently.

“Over 6 days of intense work, the couple made a huge piece on wood, using different techniques such as spray, airbrush, paintbrush, marker, crayon,wallpaper and stencil, also painting their trademark characters who in this occasion, were influenced by Mexican culture, SupalCapone of Supakitch is a mexican revolutionary and Koralie´s Geishka is using a luchador mask. People where invited to enjoy this for free and meet the artists. In addition, the artists got to know part of the city and the lives of those who live in it.

M-City in Warsaw, Poland

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