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Fun Friday! 01.15.10: “Street Crush” on Video, Jerkville, Available Men, Greenscreen Grannies, Local Banking


“Street Crush” on Video

Brooklyn Filmmaker Collective “Cinema Set Free” produced this great video about the celebration of Street Art in New York called “Street Crush”. Thank you Antonio, Lawrence, Melissa, and Demitri of “Cinema Set Free” for your talents. and AlphaBeta Art Space hosted a fun street art show with 43 street artists, 4 burlesque performers, and a kissing booth.  Working around themes of “Love, Sex, and the Street”, well-known street artists alongside relative whipper-snappers dug deep for fresh takes on gritty street ardor.

Artists included Aakash Nihalani, Abe Lincoln Jr., Aiko, Anera, Bortusk Leer, Broken Crow, C. Damage, Cake, Celso, Charm, Chris Uphues, Creepy, DirQuo, Ellis Gallagher A.K.A. (C)ELLIS G., Eternal Love, FauxReel, FKDL, General Howe, GoreB, Imminent Disaster, Hellbent, Infinity, Nobody, Jef Aerosol, Jon Burgerman, Matt Siren, Mimi the Clown, NohJColey, Pagan, PMP, Poster Boy, Pufferella, Pushkin, Chris from Robots Will Kill, Col from Robots Will Kill, Veng from Robots Will Kill, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Stikman, The Dude Company, Titi from Paris, and U.L.M.

See the Street Crush Artists Here

THE PERFORMERS Nasty Canasta, Clams Casino, Harvest Moon, and your MC, Tigger!

THE KISSING BOOTH A funky loveshack built by artist and set-designer J. Mikal Davis and lorded over by Madame Voulez-Vous. Kissing Booth Volunteers: Ashley, Jeremy, Jess, Justin, Natasha, Ryan, and Val.

THE NON-PROFIT: Art Ready mentoring program for New York City high school students considering careers in the arts, please visit:

MUSIC The DJ was Jesse Mann streaming live on

POST PARTY Brooklyn projection artists, SeeJ and SuperDraw performed at Coco66 .

Producer/Cameraman – Lawrence Whiteside
Producer/Cameraman – Antonio Bonilla
Editor – Melissa Figueroa
Voice Over Recordist – Dimitri Tisseryre

The original “Street Crush” Press Release

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It’s a New Dance KRAZE Born in Jerkville!

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And Speaking of Jerkville: Dashing Men Available for Dating

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Too Cold For Coney Island? Not Virtually!

Forget Avatar – Put Grandma in front of a Green Screen!

(The image you see behind them is the image they’re looking at)

>>>>>   <  <<<<<  > > < < < <> >>> >>>>>>>>>

Bill Maher on Keeping Your Money Local

You don’t have to stay in a loveless, abusive relationship with your Big Bank.

Here’s a list of Brooklyn Community Banks
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Matt Siren and Lee Holin at “Street Crush”

Ghost Girl is a perfect amalgam of the perfect girl for Matt Siren.

Long hours playing Pacman as a kid seered her ghostly shape into his retina. Long hours sitting in the pew at Catholic church in Queens staring at the rosary produced the stylized Keltic Cross barrette in her perfectly combed hair. Her prim reserve and Japanime styling probably folds into that Catholic upbringing too, but let’s not all be armchair psychoanalysts! Or am I projecting?

You’ll find Ghost Girl nested into pieces by Matt, even when the topic is something else, or when he is collaborating.  He likes collaborating with artist to see what is produced by the collision of styles, and usually is really stoked by the results.  His show at Woodward Gallery with Dark Clouds last year featured multiple collaborations with a number of street artists (see a nice post on C-Monster from that show).  A designer at heart, Matt has produced clean boyant posters for bands and burlesque shows.

For the “Street Crush” show at Alphabeta this Friday, Matt is collaborating with artist Lee Holin, who favors portraits of friends in his work – first photographing their image and then painting it.  “Skinny Drip”, their piece together, features one of these black and white images with silver screen print of Matt’s newest character (the Skull Mistress) masking out part of Holin’s model.  And of course, nestled into the text at the bottom you see 4 little red “Ghost Girls”. Perfect!

"Skinny Drip" by Matt Siren and Lee Holin (for "Street Crush" show)

"Skinny Drip" by Matt Siren and Lee Holin (for "Street Crush" show)

STREET CRUSH is a BEST BET in New York Magazine this week.

Matt Siren’s Site

Woodward Gallery

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I Heart You! Chris Uphues at “Street Crush”

Who doesn’t know this happy heart guy?  Raise your hand!

That is because you are bitter.  That’s what it is.  And probably your mom was mean to you and your father was a big green sewer frog.  You know these hearts, with their various personalities and dispositions, but you just don’t want to admit it because you think that will make you soooooo un-tough.

When you round a corner and hit a sudden patch of hearts smacked up – with their different personalities and dispositions, they made you a little bit happier.  It’s okay.  No one will tell.

U Makin Me Salivate!  (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" Show)

U Makin Me Salivate! (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

I got a love hangover (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

I got a love hangover (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

Tough Love  (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush"

Tough Love (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

Check out this fun animation of Chris’s art made by Jason Robert Bell.

Love from Jason Robert Bell on Vimeo.

Chris Uphues

Street Crush Show

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First Street Crush – Sneak Peak – Jef Aerosol

Deep in the frozen tundra of Greenpoint Brooklyn….. this group of artists have focused their gaze on one theme,

and each one comes at it from a different angle. They are each going up with a variety of ways to see love, sex, sensuality, and the streets.  The show is rockin’ it sexaaaay!

Starting us off is one example from stencil pioneer Jef Aerosol.

It seems appropriate to pay tribute to Bettie Page (Jef Aerosol for Street Crush Show)

It seems appropriate to begin with a tribute to Bettie Page: "Fishnets" (Jef Aerosol for Street Crush Show)

Jef Aerosol Myspace

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“Street Crush” coming up Feb 13 at Alphabeta

Whassup Brooklyn!

This show is going to be off the hooker.

It’s for all the fans, that’s you. 42 artists, that’s all we gotta say, and lots of fun because it is all about community, and creativity, and love.

You’ll be hearing more about it as we get closer – in the meantime read all about it here in the calendar.

And In Preparation for Street Crush…

And for those of you who will want to be practicing up on yer def mooves for the Ladaays of the Eightaaays – here is an instructional video below. Stand up in front of your computer please and practice according to the directions.

I only needed like two minutes and I totally got it. Some other people (no names please, people) may want to view it in it’s entirety.

“Street Crush” Press Release Here

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