Maxwell Colette Gallery Presents: “Equilibrio” Rodrigo Level and Gabriel Kieling (Chicago, IL)


Brazil’s vibrant street art scene has been producing compelling work both in the streets and in the galleries for years. The current wave of social and political unrest that the country has been experiencing seems to have emboldened those who would utilize the streets as a canvas and magnified the timeliness of their actionsTwo Brazilian artists we’ve been watching thrive amid this chaos are Rodrigo Level and Gabriel Kieling. These artists share more than the primarily black and white palette of Brazilian Cordel Art, they both pass freely between the street and the gallery scene without compromising their style or the depth of their messaging.
Rodrigo Level and Gabriel Kieling: EQUILÍBRIO
Co-Curated by Holiday Exploits and Maxwell Colette Gallery
August 09, 2013 – September 14, 2013
Friday, 09 August, 2013 from 6pm – 10pm

Gallery Hours
Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pm

Maxwell Colette Gallery
908 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

The gallery is located south of the Division stop on the Blue Line

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Gallery Brooklyn Presents: “Spectrum” A Group Exhibition (Brooklyn, NY)




Abstraction Through Spraypaint


Rubin, Hellbent, EKG, See One, Col


Opening: Saturday, July 27, 6-9pm Dates: July 27 – August 31, 2013


Gallery Brooklyn, 351 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 p: 347.460.4063 |
Hours: Thu–Sat 12–6pm, Sun 12-5pm, & appointment.



New York City, NY — On Saturday July 27, five street-oriented painters will exhibit together under the rubric of abstraction at Gallery Brooklyn in Red Hook. For these artists, abstraction as a formal aesthetic mode functions like a prism that fractures graffiti and street art into multiple facets creating a spectrum of mutation. This exhibition introduces original specimens of hybridization, re-creation, and singularity into the taxonomy of art on the streets and in the gallery.


Each artist has created a unique, progressive body of work due to their allowance for porous boundaries between the visual vocabularies and techniques of graffiti, street art and fine art. Emphasizing their roots as graffiti writers, Rubin crafts wildstyle abstractions into graphic geometric deconstructions, whereas Col sculpts and weaves his into weighted three-dimensional shapes and flowing, entwining color fields. Graffiti artist See One does away with letterforms completely and creates tumultuous compositions of expressionistic techniques and sharp geometric shapes, a series dubbed “shards.” Hellbent utilizes stencils, a staple tool for street artists, to compose geometric compositions out of patterns that create an impression of a collage of lace and fabrics. EKG uses an “expressionistic pixilation” to compose a space from which to transmit a network of primitively rendered marks.


Painters have struggled to capture pure visionary aesthetic forms since the turn of the twentieth century. This pilgrimage along the holy path of Abstraction achieved its most widely-recognized pinnacle of experimental success and international popularity in the mid-twentieth- century with Abstract Expressionism. As we pass into the twenty-first century, another wave of renewed activity and interest in abstraction has surged within the Graffiti and Street Art movements, as well as in the fine art community and institutions. Since 2010, a living archive of Abstract and Progressive Graffiti, has been supporting established painters, inspiring developing ones, and attracting a growing interest from the public. Collectives that center around abstract and progressive graffiti have formed or become active again, such as Agents of Change, Transcend Collective, and Ikonoklast Movement. In 2011, the book Abstract Graffiti by Cedar Lewisohn and the ArtNews article Beyond Graffiti by Carolina Miranda were published. In 2012, MoMA opened their huge exhibition, Inventing Abstraction, a historical survey of the formative years from 1910-25. also presented Geometricks, curated by Hellbent, a large group exhibition of progressive graffiti and street art. This year the Guggenheim is currently displaying New Harmony, another survey of abstraction from 1919-1939. And through June 20th at The Hole gallery, Xstraction is the third iteration in a series of exhibits since 2008 that have focused on contemporary abstraction.


Lifelong Harlem resident Royce Bannon has been drawing his infamous monsters on the streets of NYC for over a decade. He recently was honored with inclusion in the city-wide art installation project Sing For Hope. This project involved painting one of 88 pianos, which were then installed around the five boroughs of NYC. Royce also currently writes a column for The Source magazine and has curated many other exhibitions including ones at The Woodward Gallery, powerHouse Arena, and 17Frost. [ Text by Daniel Feral ]

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The Synthesis Collaborative Presents: Wall/Therapy 2013 -Kickoff at 1975 Gallery. (Rochester, NY)

Wall Therapy
The city known as “The World’s Image Center” will once again be living up to its title as it welcomes nearly 30 world renown street artists for the third installment of WALL\THERAPY. They will be transforming walls both large and small throughout Rochester into works of art, serving our collective need for inspiration.

Expanding upon the success of its previous years, WALL\THERAPY will be hosting a week long event starting on July 19th, showcasing the extraordinary talent of artists from across the globe and from our own back yard. Faith47 and Chinese artist DALeast, both hailing from Cape Town, South Africa are returning to Rochester for the third consecutive year. New additions to the artist lineup include Gaia from Baltimore, Binho from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wise Two from Nairobi, Kenya and London-based Irish artist Conor Harrington. Rochester-based artists Mr. Prvrt, Range, St. Monci and Sarah C. Rutherford will join other local artists and our visiting “wall therapists” to create 30 original pieces of art throughout the city.
To kick off this week long mural festival, there will be block parties in each neighborhood where the murals are being painted featuring local musicians and performers, adding to the experience as crowds watch the “wall therapists” at work. An open community dialogue with the artists will take place mid-week.
WALL\THERAPY is brought to you by The Synthesis Collaborative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health in the developing world using the tools of teleradiology and cloud computing. The common thread is “Imagery,” which has the potential to preserve and enhance life by addressing the needs of both the body and spirit. Its co-founder Dr. Ian Wilson envisions this event and the art it will create to be a lasting influence on the heart of the Rochester community. WALL\THERAPY brings these talented individuals together as a community-level intervention to use mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration.
The 2013 WALL\THERAPY has also been made possible by the generous individuals who donated through our indiegogo campaign this past Spring. With their help and donations from local artists, our campaign was able to reach its goal of over $30,000.
Members of the press and public are invited to visit and engage the “wall therapists” as they paint their murals on the various walls generously donated by individuals and businesses in the South Wedge and El Camino Trail area.
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Bazel Gallery Presents: Alice Mizrachi “Windows of Love” (Tel Aviv, Israel)

in her solo exhibition,
“Windows of Love,” presented by Bazel Gallery, features select works by artist Alice Mizrachi that explore and celebrate the many facets of love.

Alice paints the simple exchanges of love she glimpses while people-watching and depicts them in her paintings as snapshots, to share that fleeting moment of connection we feel when we are witnesses to love. Whether it’s the love of a father and child, friends, lovers, love for animals, nature, home or the love of self, Alice encourages us to notice that love, in all its multidimensional facets, is often felt as recognition.
“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open hearted vision of people who embrace life.” – John Lennon

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11, 2013 from 20:00-22:00
Closing Date: Sunday, August 4, 2013
Bazel Gallery
1 Hashlah Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

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A Dying Breed Presents: “Detention” Pop-Up Art Show (Manhattan, NYC)


A Dying Breed art collective Presents: Detention.

Sen 2
See One
Chris RWK
Veng RWK
Bishop 203
Icy an Sot
Dice the God
Pun 18

Schools out but we didnt pay attention to the teacher and drew pictures in class… and on the walls too. Now we’re all in detention. Lucky for us we have some friends joining us for this pop-up graffiti/ street art show!

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Speedy Graphito Retrospective at Atelier des Nuages. (Saint-Emilion, France)

Speedy Graphito
I have the pleasure to announce you the exhibition of Speedy Graphito which will take place from 19 till 29 July to the Atelier des Nuages, space dedicated to the contemporary creation in 1, rue de la Liberté in Saint-Emilion.

Speedy Graphito will be in full realization of a fresco which will raise the geographical context of the exhibition.

We would be also happy to welcome you during the oppening in the presence of the artist, who will take place on July 19th from 5 pm till 9 pm.

Speedy Graphito, pseudonyme d’Olivier Rizzo, est un peintre français, né en 1961, faisant la jonction entre la figuration libre et la scène Street art française des années quatre-vingt. Le SEJF en partenariat avec la galerie Polaris et l’Envers du Décor présentent une rétrospective de Speedy Graphito à l’Atelier des Nuages, du 19 au 29 juillet. Le 19 Juillet, Speedy Graphito s’exprimera dans un “happening live” au Parc Guadet (le Village du Festival) de 14H à 17H. On y sera !

The Essential of Painting 1987-2013.
À l’heure où reparaît sur le devant de la scène le Street Art, Speedy Graphito s’impose internationalement comme un artiste d’avant-garde. Son oeuvre est une référence pour la jeune génération montante. Exposé aujourd’hui par des galeries Françaises et Américaines, l’artiste est aussi invité à s’exprimer dans les rues de Calcutta, Fort de France, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro… Speedy Graphito mêle dans ses oeuvres une iconographie populaire inspirée des Comics, de l’art urbain et celle de l’Histoire de l’art ; maniant habillement le détournement esthétique, jouant avec les différentes techniques, il nous plonge dans un univers d’ hyper surréalité avec ironie. Une oeuvre riche et complexe où coexiste depuis toujours plusieurs niveaux de lecture.

Du Samedi 20 au Lundi 29 juillet 2013,
à l’Atelier des Nuages, 1 rue de la Liberté – Saint-Emilion.
Vernissage et séance de dédicace des éditions de 17h à 21h en présence de l’artiste le vendredi 19 juillet.
L’Atelier des Nuages est un espace dédié à la création contemporaine, initié par François des Ligneris, il accueille des expositions à l’initiative d’artistes et de galeriste depuis déjà cinq ans.

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Munch Gallery Presents: “Munch Represents+” Summer Exhibition 2013. A Group Show. (Manhattan, NYC)

Munch Gallery

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 10 from 7-9 pm
Exhibition runs from July 10 through August 11, 2013
MUNCH REPRESENTS+ is an eclectic display of work by the eight artists officially represented by the gallery, along with two guests.
From lurking dreamscapes and uncanny flower fields to detailed black and white cosmographic explorations. From the dense Canadian forest to the decaying wood structures of places once inhabited or perhaps just imagined. It is a repeating practice of kicks and poetry assisted by lashing self-motivational punches.
The gallery is very proud to present a collection of artwork which derives from sheer passion, essence, ambition and distinction.
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Graffitimundo Presents: “The Talking Walls Of Buenos Aires” (Washington, DC)

Graffitimundo presents the group exhibition “The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires”. Opening Saturday, July 13th at The Fridge in Washington DC. This will be the first time Argentina’s unique urban art culture has been presented in the US.

Urban art in Buenos Aires reflects the city’s turbulent history and rich cultural heritage. Throughout the last century the city walls have been extensively painted by artists, activists, political groups and the public and have become an established and dynamic channel for expression.

During the last two decades several different artistic styles have developed. The devastating Argentine economic crisis of 2001 created a generation of young artists determined to take to the streets and reclaim their city. As they collaborated in a spirit of solidarity a new and distinctive visual language began to emerge.

“The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires” features mural art and original artworks from leading Argentine artists and art collectives, as well as video works and historical and contemporary photography portraying the urban landscape of Buenos Aires and seminal moments in the country’s history.

The exhibition celebrates a form of expression rooted in activism and a desire to transform public space, and in the process challenges conventional views on what graffiti is, what street art represents, who creates it, and why.


Buenos Aires Stencil / Cabaio / Chu / Defi / DobleG / Ever / Fede Minuchin / Gualicho / Jaz / Malatesta / Mart / Pastel / Pedro Perelman / Poeta / Prensa La Libertad / Pum Pum / Roma / Sam / Stencil Land / Sonni / Tec / Tester

Event information

The “Talking Walls of Buenos Aires” will open at 6pm on July 13th 2013 at The Fridge, 516 1/2 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Woodward Gallery Presents: “From The Street Up” A Group Exhibition. (Manhattan, NYC)

Woodward Gallery

From the Street Up
July 6 – July 31, 2013

From the Street Up is a selection of celebrated urban artists who concentrate their creativity without walls. For centuries, humans leave tracks, symbols, and objects to record their location, time, and experience. It is an ancient form of documentation.

Woodward Gallery invited Artists Royce Bannon and Cassius Fouler to co-curate the exhibition. Each of the featured Artists are noted for their Public or Street art: John Ahearn, 
Michael Alan, 
Richard Hambleton, 
Robert Janz, 
Miguel Ovalle, 
Leon Reid IV, 
Skewville, Gabriel Specter, 
Stikman, and

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