Photos of 2020: #9 : Sister, Can You Spare a Face Mask?

Happy Holidays to all BSA readers, your family and dear ones. We’re counting down some of our favorite photos to appear on BSA in 2020 taken by our editor of photography, Jaime Rojo. We wish each person the very best as we look forward to a new year together with you.

New York street artist Jilly Ballistic has been borrowing black and white photos from an earlier era of economic depression to paste on the streets for half a dozen years or so. The effect is nostalgic and sometimes puzzling, as they are often evocative of WWII era air raids and nuclear attacks.

In a year where the world population has become frightened of airborne contagion and the very topic of protective face masks has taken on politically charged emotions, Jilly’s modest dressmakers and librarians engulfed with rubber/glass masks and elephantine hoses are our chums. We now imagine a sort of kinship with these people from another time – a reassuring familiarity across the decades.

Sister, can you spare a face mask? Jilly Ballistic, photo ©Jaime Rojo