Museum Of Graffiti Opens “Fabric of America: Artists in Protests”

Miami’s Museum of Graffiti forcefully takes on a panoply of social and political issues in today’s upheaval across the US where politically charged graffiti is suddenly a powerful tool being used during public demonstrations.

©Courtesy Museum of Graffiti

Fabric of America: Artists in Protests features 30 local graffiti artists addressing the fraying of that fabric by painting directly on the back of denim jackets, each addressing issues of social injustice that are currently, historically, and systemically arrayed against black, brown, and other communities in the US.

The exhibition is also available to be toured virtually.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, Museum Director Alan Ket can be caught live on screen today through a series of Instagram Live interviews with 10 of the artists who created these protest-inspired jackets. Artists will talk about the nature of their work for the show as well as what social/political issues they are targeting with their artworks and why this moment appears as a flashpoint in the history of the country.

Presented amidst a pandemic from Florida where cases of Covid-19 are currently spiking, guests to the physical museum in the Wynwood District are still being welcomed warmly, just with a few considerations to secure health safety like timed slots for entry and limited capacity inside this still-young institution.

©Courtesy Museum of Graffiti

The exhibition also includes a wall of timely prints by Futura 200, Cey Adams, and Tristan Eaton with a focus on the theme of racism and a photo essay revealing the painful and fraught odyssey facing Central American immigrants fleeing to the US by photographer Pablo Allison.

A special screening of the new “Transit Memorials” will also be offer. The pointedly political graffiti critique takes on the topics currently addressed by Black Lives Matter protests in cities across the country; a “graffiti intervention” on subway trains in New York that “reminds passengers of the victims of police violence and 526 Opportunities, a countdown from 8 minutes and 46 seconds that allows us to reflect on the fragility of life and the loss of George Floyd.”

See live these artist talks on Museum of Graffiti Instagram (East Coast Time):

1:00PM: BlackBrain
1:30PM:         View2
2:00PM:         Krave
2:30PM:        Drums
3:00PM:           Cale
3:30PM:        CHNK
4:00PM:          Ruth
4:30PM:    Emerald
5:00PM: RasTerms
5:30PM:         Keds