Charlie Ahearn and Crew LIVE this Week in NYC for “Wild Style” Reunion in the Park

Only in New York baby, the 35th Anniversary celebration of “Wild Style,” out in the open amphitheater of East River Park will be jamming this Thursday. And its free. Yes Yes Ya’ll.

The seminal quasi-documentary of early hip-hop and graffiti culture in New York synthesized the elements of style that were all convening on the streets at that moment.

The moment passed but the movie remained, a document and a springboard for all sorts of self-invented personalities – indeed one of the springboards for the very practice of self-invention in the culture – and intervening years have made it required viewing to understand what came next. As time passes, you know that opportunities to see this movie and connect with community like this are becoming fewer, so we recommend you check this event.

Many try to claim the label of legendary and you know when its hyperbole. “Wild Style” is said to have been called a “visual Bible of hip-hop” by NAS, and that sounds right.

The director Charlie Ahearn will reign over the party and screening in the park along with headliner DJ Funk Flex and special guests will make eyes bug, jaws drop, and black books fly – like Almighty Kay Gee, Busy Bee, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ Tony Crush, Eclipse, EZ AD, Grand Master Caz, Patti Astor, and Rodney C. Look up the after-party in a hotel with The Fantastic Five, Cold Crush Brothers, Busy Bee, Double Trouble, Fab 5 Freddy, Lee Quinones, Lady Pink and other invited cast and crew- that one requires a ticket.

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