In-Studio Preparation for “Innocence” with Vinz Feel Free, Models, New Screenprints

Vinz Feel Free hand-customizing one of the new prints in studio for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

Fresh new images today from behind-the-scenes preparation for the Vinz Feel Free exhibition here in Brooklyn in a few weeks. Over the past two months or so Vinz has been in his studio in Valencia as well as a workshop he rented in Perpigan, France doing photoshoots of art models as the first phase of creating the new works for “Innocence”.

Vinz Feel Free photoshoot in studio for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

Emulating the guerilla-style and often controversial protests by the feminist activists FEMEN and combining them with the knit hooded Russian Pussy Riot, VINZ brings in his own established archetypes that feature nude bodies topped with heads of the animal world. It’s a symbiotic blending that is producing imagery that evokes a mix of emotions. We happy to provide a sneak-peek inside the process that helps build the images.

Vinz Feel Free art models preparation in studio for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

“Usually I ask them to do specific poses,” he tells us of the art model shoots. “So first I show them some drawings that I’ve prepared in advance of the shoot and we talk about how they can position themselves to imitate the drawings. Then they have an exact idea of what I want and am hoping to achieve. Once those initial pictures are done sometimes we improvise.”

Vinz Feel Free desk and materials in studio for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

In addition to the full size and large photo-painting collage pieces that he is doing for the show, Vinz Feel Free is releasing brand new prints for “Innocence” – a series that he is currently printing and many which he will hand customize as he continues to explore how to accentuate certain aspects of the image.

Vinz Feel Free poloroid test of art model for photoshoot in studio for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

“Yes I’m very excited about the prints!” he tells us, and we include a small piece of video of one of the initial results here:


“It’s something I’ve been trying with old lithographs that I have found in flea markets,” he says. “I paint with watercolors – so it’s like those old pictures and movies in black and white that later someone painted overtop with washes and tints. “You see that it has been colorized – like in movies like The Wizard of Oz, in a wicked ghost-like way.”

Vinz Feel Free new prints in process for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

“So I’ve been experimenting with 3 of my own photomontages – the figures with the rabbit head and ones wearing the balaclava (hood). I printed one as a black screenprint and later I colored it with watercolor. Each one is unique and I can say I’m so proud with the results.”

Vinz Feel Free hand painting new photo-paint collage in studio for “Innocence” (photo © Vinz Feel Free)

“INNOCENCE” Exhibition by Vinz Feel Free
Curated by BSA and DK Johnston

Saturday, November 4, 2017

6 pm – 10 pm

The Marcy Project
275 South 2nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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