BIFIDO’s Surrealist Fairy Tale on a Wall in Bologna

Children inhabit a world full of possibilities that inexplicably contains winged animals, adults, ghosts, candy, race cars, dancing in circles, Angela Merkel, Prince Charming, spiderwebs, sidewalk chalk, Beyonce, and the ability to fly without a plane – all coexisting together in harmony in the same story.

Bifido understands.


Bifido with young fans. (photo © Courtesy of Bifido)

The Italian Street Artist may need a little more explanation to describe his new installation of photographic characters and elements on the wall of this children’s school for the CHEAP festival in Bologna, but you are welcome to interpret his wheat-pastes in any many you like. “It’s my tribute to a child’s world,” he explains.


Bifido (photo © Dario Alejandro Barletta)

With shots taken by him and scenarios drawn from imagination and some current events, his surreal disregard for proportion, singularity of symbol and how they seem to levitate in air – may make you think of Magritte as you walk past this brick façade.

What is most striking about the composition could be that the addition of empty space between the characters effectively creates a dialog between them as if they are rationally related. Because they are realistically rendered, it is becomes difficult to separate the real from the imagined – with the exception of the headless adults, which of course are real.


Bifido (photo © Dario Alejandro Barletta)


Bifido (photo © Dario Alejandro Barletta)


Bifido (photo © Pierfrancesco Lafratta)


Bifido (photo © Dario Alejandro Barletta)


Bifido (photo © Dario Alejandro Barletta)


Click HERE to learn more about Cheap Festival. Bologna, Italy.




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