BSA Film Friday: 02.06.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Tilt at Nuart and his Schizophrenic Bathroom
2. SURFACE by Søren Solkær
2. Tristan Eaton in DTLA
3. Graffiti Session: USE THEM (W)ALL


BSA Special Feature: Tilt at Nuart

French graffiti artist Tilt walked the sidewalks of Stavanger as a man at ease creating a huge wall grenade comprised of his tags and the American flag. But it was his schizophrenic bathroom installation for the large gallery show that won most acclaim, and here he talks about his own ambivalence about straddling of the street and the fine art worlds, wondering why a dripping tag is repulsive on a garbage dumpster, but frameable in a gallery . “My idea was that I was going to show this dirty graffiti to art people in suits and ties”.

Big ups to from Shinsuke Tatsukawa and Kenichi Yamamura for capturing the thoughtful creative process and narration, delivered while Tilt is on the toilet.


Tristan Eaton in DTLA

Tristan Eaton is taking his work to a new level and direction these days – here’s a fresh mural he just did in downtown LA.  Excellent work on the video from a new blog named Street Candy.

SURFACE by Søren Solkær

We met this Danish photographer and his wife last year in Norway and instinctively knew that his book project was going to be a stunner because of his unique approach to portraits of Street Artists. Søren Solkær travelled throughout much of the world for three years in his search of many significant figures in street art and graffiti. The book “SURFACE” is coming soon, and the launches will feature high caliber shows in Sydney, Melbourne, LA, New York, and Copenhagen.

This portraits include over 140 artists who have been photographed with their artwork in urban locations spanning Copenhagen, Stavanger, London, Miami, Paris, Las Vegas, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin.

Graffiti Session: USE THEM (W)ALL

Yes, bottom line is this is an ad for a French art supply company. Aside from that, it is a wall well done and the clever camera work keeps the progression of this wall slammin’.