Stunt Loving Supine Slithers Up Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

Look who’s rolling up the East River; it’s Judith Supine completing yet another night time feat of foolhardy urban exploration with a bridge-based installation for one of the green skinned ladies s/he is known for on Brooklyn streets.

Probably seeking one of the last places in New York where you can still smoke a cigarette, we see one of Supine’s new ladies puffing away and staring blankly while nursing a cocktail above the traffic streaming across the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan.


Judith Supine on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge (photo © Steve Duncan/

Already known for hanging a piece off the Manhattan Bridge in ’07 and on top of The Williamsburg Bridge in ’09, at this rate if he keeps heading in a northward direction we estimate the Street Artist should be on the new Tappan Zee when it opens in 2018.

Photographer Steve Duncan took these pics which appear to show the perch from Judith’s perspective, and we just saw a video of it on the website Arrested Motion that was posted Saturday, so there you go, the artist loves the river view.

We shouldn’t be surprised by his aquatic attraction since one of his child-women was previously seen wading below the pedestrian bridge in Central Park and he once styled his dear old dad in a ladies swimsuit and floated him off Grand Street Park in Williamsburg (see video below).


Judith Supine on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge (photo © Steve Duncan/


Judith Supine on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge (photo © Steve Duncan/


Judith Supine Goes Bathing in the East River




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