ROA Fox and Friends in Vienna

Here are a handful of new shots of Street Artist ROA as he prepares his new urban wildlife wall in Vienna – featuring a fox, rabbit, beaver, and a doe on the wall of a local school in the Austrian capital. You can see how his work is beginning to take more dimension and mass as he continues to fully develop the form and musculature under the furry exterior of his friends in repose.

ROA at work on his new wall last week in Vienna (photo © Julian Mullan)

The irony of the animals’ unwinding and relaxed configuration is that the artist tends to work tirelessly; this wall was only begun once he had completed the work and installation for his new show at Inoperable Galley where he created entirely new pieces with found materials from Vienna including bullets, skulls, street signs, and wooden boxes.

Finished portions and part of the developing hair for the new ROA wall in Vienna (photo © Julian Mullan)

ROA in Vienna (photo © Julian Mullan)

The newly completed ROA wall done in one day last week in Vienna (photo © Julian Mullan)

Pan-Roa’s Box will be running all summer at Inoperable. For more information click here.



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