Open Walls Gallery Presents: Various & Gould “The Pressure of Printing” (Berlin, Germany)

Various & Gould


OPEN WALLS Gallery cordially invites to VARIOUS & GOULD‘s upcoming show, opening on June 8th from 20:00 onwards, in our showroom in Stattbad.

For VARIOUS & GOULD the collage technique is a principle of creating common ground. Testing and experimenting with methods of collaborative printing, was the aim for their residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum, in Belgium, at the beginning of this year.

As an introduction into our program, VARIOUS & GOULD will present the “Belgian Houses” series. This particular body of work is build up from many little bits and pieces, such as patchwork figures, body parts, objects & patterns combined and reassembled together. There are alternately printed by the two artists, in an impressive manner, on paper-sheets. The artists reversed their workflow and implemented the method of collaging directly into the printing process, revisiting previous templates and thus composing new pieces. The result is a series of twelve “collage-prints”.

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