Pride@Yale 2013 Presents: “History of Queer Street Art” (New Heaven, CT)

Jeremy Novy first got into street art in high school as a way to spend more time with the cute break dancers and graffiti boys; today he is one of San Francisco’s eminent queer street artists, using his creations to pay homage to the city’s gay history. Novy’s art also serves to combat the homophobia and misogyny too often present in street art culture. With his exhibit, “History of Queer Street Art”, Jeremy Novy showcases beautiful and subversive examples of queer street art from around the world. Join him for an opening lecture in the Trumbull gallery on Thursday April 25th at 3pm. Prints and stickers will be available for purchase (cash-only)!

History of Queer Street Art (presented by Pride@Yale 2013!)