Munch Gallery Presents: Erik Savage AKA Radical! “Waste Forms” (Manhattan, NYC)

Munch Gallery is pleased to present ‘Waste Forms’, featuring new paintings by Erik Savage(aka RADICAL!). Since his first solo exhibition back in October 2011, Savage has investigated further into the themes of habitual consumerism and addictions, social alienation and structures. Through a new expressive style, he draws on objects common in nature, and commonly disregarded – our subjective waste. As we navigate through life’s constant beginnings and endings, the matter in between most often appears as a fluctuant disharge, but always unleashing in its isolated power. The waste forms become our narrative debris as we push through life and expedite new memories.

Savage lives and works in Troy, NY. He has shown extensively in the US, and has participated in major group exhibtions throughout Europe. Latest with representation and two sold out shows in Copenhagen, Denmark.