The James Olivier Gallery Presents: NoseGo “Colossal The Small” (Philadelphia, PA)

The James Oliver Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of 2013: Colossal The Small, a show featuring Philadelphia artist Yis “NoseGo” Goodwin will be on view from March 30 to May 4th with an opening reception on Saturday March 30, 6-10pm.

Yis Goodwin, also known by the moniker “NoseGo”, creates whimsical composite creatures that can only derive from an energetic, childlike imagination. Goodwin’s works are simply meant to be fun, revealing his vibrant visual language and engaging sense of adventure. His paintings are seemingly spontaneous, featuring animals, cartoons, and other characters interacting in visually alluring combinations. Although the artist mixes realism, illustration, as well as street and pop art, his works flow together as if the viewer were in a strange yet wonderful dream. Goodwin’s creations transport the viewer into a world all his own that is often difficult to walk out of.