Fun Friday 08.06.10


Fun Friday 08.06.10

Natalie Kates Covers “Electric Windows”

Interviews with Ron English, Skewville, Gaia, and Logan Hicks, and captures a bit of the flava last weekend.

“Graffolution” Running Till August 15

Curator Frankie Velez has a show on West 36th Street in Manhattan that offers itself as a bit of a missing link between a graff, street art, and fine art. Here’s a stern voiced review.

Soapstone Gallery on Facebook

Artists Heading to ATL for “Living Walls”

Gaia’s posted his sketch for his piece “should be like a twenty foot wall when done with it. Its skulls from dance with death, acorns, oak leaves, cabins, american stars and possums. All ATL baby!”


Check out Living Walls August 13-15

Classic Rick James by the Pool

Nuff said.

Say what?