A Man’s World: A Carlito Brigante Image Essay on a BedStuy Barbershop

“The Head Hunters” visits for a bit with Brooklyn guys getting a cut.

Getting ready for the buzzers (photo © Carlito Brigante)
Getting ready for the buzzers (photo © Carlito Brigante)

Photographer Carlito Brigante spent an hour shooting pics and talking with the proprietor and customers in a barbershop in Brooklyn recently. With his audio and images he created a brief multi-media photo essay with Charles Le Brigand .

From his short piece on the visit, Carlito says:

“Jason told me that whether in Bed-Stuy, North Florida or Brixton U.K, the ambiance in a barbershop is indistinguishable. A barbershop holds a key role in African-American culture. It is a community gathering place, a discursive space where you receive words on local doings and the latest rumors of the neighborhood. The barbershop is also a neutral place where men interact regardless of class, education, or occupation. Kids, adults, cops, hustlers, nearly everyone takes part in the casual conversations where the barber plays the very active role of moderator.”

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