March 2010

Broken Crow Releases “Housing Crisis”, first prints in Two Years

Minneapolis Represents! Broken Crow New Prints with Burlesque Printers

The new print series is called “Housing Crisis” – Hell I’d definitely agree.  Not only does this title point to the bank-created horror that is sweeping our land, but it references the ongoing theme Broken Crow has about the natural world’s schism with the man-made environment.


Recently Broken Crow visited Austin during SXSW…

Broken Crow in Austin Image ©Becki Fuller
Broken Crow in Austin (Image ©Becki Fuller)

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Images of the Week 03.28.10

A little bit of warmth is all it takes!

 Our weekly interview with the streets, this week featuring Ethos, Jaime Rojo, Various & Gould, Boxing Bots, Anthony Lister, Tip Toe, Various & Gould,

March Madness is on the Streets of New York City. Here is the proof!

Ethos VW Love (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Ethos in action. Image courtesy of the artist
Ethos in action (image courtesy of the artist)

Various & Gould
Sometimes you feel like a NUT! (Various & Gould) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Wrestling Bots. Who is the artist?
What a knockout! Boxing Bots. (Who is the artist?) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Time to Play: Can you spot the differences? Williamsburg gets a Nip-N-Tuck.

Mr. Lister had a few minutes to do a little plastic surgery on one of his ladies while in Williamsburg. Below are two images shot at different times. Before and After.

Lister Before (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Lister After
Lister After (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Tip Toe
This time of year, many a well appointed New Yorker begins to think about choosing just the right hat for the Easter Parade down 5th Avenue. (Tip Toe) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Various & Gould
With the bike race and the coffee shop and what-not, lately Ed just feels like he is juggling too many things at once (Various & Gould) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Is this a tone on tone Various & Gould?
Flying into April with wings spread wide (name?) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Various & Gould
This peacock is showing it’s true colors (Alison Corrie) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Various & Gould
You better work it, android girl! (Various & Gould) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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Street Art New York at Factory Fresh

“Street Art New York” Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC

For more information please contact:
Email:; Web:

“Street Art New York” Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC
Saturday, April 24, 2010
Event Time: 7-11 pm

Auction Time: Promptly 7 pm to 9:30 pm EST
Absentee bidders please register with Bernadette DeAngelis at or call 212.974.9092.

Location: Factory Fresh Gallery
1053 Flushing Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York 11237
between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop


To celebrate the release of the new book “Street Art New York” and to benefit the programs of Free Arts NYC, original artworks by a stellar array of today’s Street Artists from New York and beyond will be featured in a silent auction to take place on April 24, 2010, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm at Factory Fresh Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The Benefit and the Artists

The Benefit, to be held at one of New York’s epicenters for the thriving new Street Art scene, Factory Fresh Gallery, will feature an incredibly strong selection of today’s Street Artists joining together for one night as a community to benefit NYC kids from disadvantaged backgrounds as the numbers of poor and low-income children in New York continues to rise. Representing a renaissance in modern urban art at the dawn of a new decade, this artists will very likely be the largest collection of 2010’s street artists in one location.

With exciting new work by 60 of today’s Street Artists

Abe Lincoln Jr., Alex Diamond, Anera, Avoid Pi, Billi Kid, Bishop 203, Blanco, BortusK Leer, Broken Crow, C Damage, C215, Cake, Celso, Chris RWK, Chris Stain, Creepy, Dain, Damon Ginandes, Dan Witz, Dark Clouds, Dennis McNett, Elbow Toe, EllisG, FKDL, Gaia, General Howe, GoreB, Hargo, Hellbent, Imminent Disaster, Infinity, Jef Aerosol, Jim Avignon, JMR, Joe Iurato, Jon Burgerman, Keely, Know Hope, Logan Hicks, Mark Carvalho, Matt Siren, Mint and Serf, Miss Bugs, NohJColey, Nomadé, Peru Ana Ana Peru, PMP/Peripheral Media Projects, Poster Boy, Pufferella, Rene Gagnon, Roa, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Specter, Stikman, Swoon, The Dude Company, Tristan Eaton, UR New York (2esae & Ski), Veng RWK

About the Book

Street Art New York, by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, with a foreword by Carolina A. Miranda, published in April 2010 by Prestel Publishing (Random House).

The authors of the successful Brooklyn Street Art book (and founders of expand their scope and take readers on a fast-paced run through the streets of New York, along the waterways, on the rooftops, and up the walls of today’s ever-morphing vibrant Street Art scene as only NYC can tell it.

With an introduction by noted cultural journalist Carolina A. Miranda ( putting Street Art in the context of the personal experience of a New Yorker, readers will be taken aback by this compelling portrait of the state of urban art featuring work on the streets of New York from 102 artists from around the world. With a collection of aproximately 200 images by exciting new comers as well as beloved “old masters” such as New Yorkers Swoon, Judith Supine, Dan Witz, Faile, Skewville, WK Interact, LA’s Sphepard Fairey, Brazil’s Os Gemeos, Ethos, Denmark’s Armsrock, France’s Space Invader, C215, Mr. Brainwash, Germany’s Herakut, Belgium’s ROA, London’s Nick Walker, Connor Harrington, and the infamous Banksy.

About the Publisher, Prestel Publishing (Random House):

With its impressive list of titles in English and German, Prestel Publishing is one of the world’s leading publishers in the fields of art, architecture, photography, design, cultural history, and ethnography. The company, founded in 1924, has its headquarters in Munich, offices in New York and London, and an international sales network.

The Silent Auction

Commencing at 7 p.m. and ending at 9:30 p.m., the silent auction will be administered by Free Arts NYC, and all proceeds from the auction go directly to the non-profit. Highest bidder wins!


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Street Artist Royce Bannon Writing for Source Mag

Two New Interviews with TooFly and RWK

NO surprise to find that Street Artists have multiple talents aside from art, and Royce Bannon has been developing some of his other interests over the past year at the SOURCE magazine.

TooFly's work in a recent Brooklyn Mural with the Younity Collective (photo © Jaime Rojo)
TooFly’s work in a recent Brooklyn Mural with the Younity Collective (photo © Jaime Rojo)

In the new issue of The Source Royce has an interview with well-known and respected TooFly,

who paints from the the graffiti and muralist tradition in New York, is a founding member of the Younity Collective, and is continually involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures:


TooFly: In the last few years I have been intrigued by large video projections. Especially these days with all the new forms of laser technology that allow you to display graphics and live video on the sides of buildings and structures. I’ve been scoping out a few companies who use the urban environment to do this kind of stuff, and it’s definitely something I want to tap into. I think I have a production type of heart from curating and organizing large painting productions, as well as community events.” Read the full interview HERE at The Source

Additionally, Royce has been writing on their blog, including this new interview with Chris and Veng from Robots Will Kill

A Robots Will Kill Mural from Bushwick (courtesy Royce)

A Robots Will Kill Mural from Bushwick (courtesy Royce)

In the brief interview we learn from Chris what the origins of the name “Robots Will Kill” were,

“The name comes from the idea of people becoming stuck in place in life, whether its work or something else, becoming robotic and it killing off the creative and productive part of their life.”

(read the RWK interview here)

Luckily for us, neither Royce nor TooFly nor RWK look like they’re becoming robotic.

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This is the debut show at the Brooklyn Brothers‘ new gallery space.

“TrustoCorp is a New York based artist (or artists) dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire. TrustoCorp targets areas in the public domain typically reserved for messages of trust and authority and abuses them with visual messages of mayhem and absurdity hijacked from the visual style of our authorities.”

Brooklyn Brothers Gallery

18 East 17th Street 7th floor NYC

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“Local X Local”, this Sunday immediately following the Southern Graphics print conference madness in Philly!

Sunday, 7-11pm, there will be screens on rotation along with the tunes of Vivian Girls and German Measles. Free!

That’s right! While Sunday is a great day for doing laundry, brunchitos, working, & whatever you want to do, top it off with some bowling, tunes, community, and goodness.

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Solo Exhibition at Pure Evil Gallery 8th APRIL – 2nd MAY 2010
ROA’s eagerly anticipated UK solo debut opens in London this spring to exhibit his unique portrayal of large scale urban wildlife, disquietly cohabiting city streets, hand painted in his distinctive black and white style.
ROA started painting abandoned buildings and warehouses in the isolated industrial outskirts of his hometown – Ghent, Belgium. Fixating on the animals he found there; the wildlife became the central subject matter of his work, inspired by their clever ability to adapt into scavengers in order to survive.   He used the dilapidated, coarse interiors and exteriors of the unyielding landscape as a canvas to portray his large-scale creatures.
Roa filled a vast abandoned warehouse complex of different chambers and exteriors with a menagerie of large-scale animals, creating an impressive spray painted zoo of city scavengers.
His obsession went global when he took to the streets of New York, London, Berlin, Warsaw and Paris, prolifically painting his trademark cross sectioned animals wherever he went, locating them where they naturally invade the main city streets with their quiet yet powerful presence.
Pure Evil Gallery is proud and extremely excited to present a new body of original artwork by ROA this spring, complete with street works in the local area. Look out for a new ROA city fox appearing on a street near you.
Contact us for interviews or more information and Hi Res images of Roa’s artwork.
Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard st
London EC2A 4RH
Phone 07805 420771
Gallery Hours:
10am – 6pm daily
or by appointment.
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TRUSTO Corp Culture Jamming and Political Critique Continues

One version of Street Art has as it’s mission to articulate opinions, truths, half-truths, subversive rants, and utterances of a political nature.

TrustoCorp, which so far has been nibbling around the edges with satiric plays on words, has gotten a lot more focused recently with some of these metal signs as well as their placement.  Maybe it’s these polarizing times calling for clarifying amidst the smog machines…. but TrustoCorp is a bit more ‘on-message’ in these recent postings on the streets of Gotham.

Now there's a MAD COW - probably heading to Webster Hall (Trusto Corp)

Now there’s a MAD COW – outside a certain fast food establishment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (Trusto Corp)

Our SELF-REGULATING friends could find this offensive (Trusto Corp)
Our SELF-REGULATING friends could find this offensive (Trusto Corp)

A bit more vague and wide-sweeping, but we get the point (Trusto Corp)
A bit more vague and wide-sweeping, but we get the point (Trusto Corp)

"Thanks Madge, so do you!" - Who doesn't appreciate a positive affirmation once in a while? (Trusto Corp)

"Thanks Madge, so do you!" - Who doesn't appreciate a positive affirmation once in a while? (Trusto Corp)

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Living WALLS: Atlanta Conference on Street Art and Public Space looking for Artists for August

Street Artists GAIA, KNOW HOPE, SWAMPY, CHRIS STAIN, FERAL CHILD among others to show work, Jordan Seiler to speak.

An exhibition and conference focused on street art and its role in engaging public space.

We are bringing in the works of an international selection of artists who typically make use of the streets to showcase their work. We have also sought artists that re-appropriate the public realm, attempting to take charge of their media space.

An exhibition and conference focused on street art and its role in engaging public space.

ADD YOUR VOICE – Submit YOUR Work – Poster Submission

They are calling for street artists to submit posters with no constraint on quantity or size.

Public Walls

  • Art work will be put up on various walls around the city of Atlanta.
  • All posters will be thoroughly documented with all artists credited.
  • Events will be scheduled locally around the city of Atlanta in order to give the public notice about the international poster exhibition which has taken place.

Deadline for Submission: 07.13.2010

From Street Artis GAIA on Vandalog: The artwork of 18 influential street artists from around the world will food the streets of Atlanta as part of a coordinated effort to engage the public via street art. Living Walls, The City Speaks, a conference set to take place on the weekend of August 13, 2010 at Atlanta’s Eyedrum Gallery, has put out an international call for artists to submit posters to three locations on three continents. These posters will ultimately be sent to Atlanta to be wheat-pasted on public walls and at Eyedrum. With many more artists expected to take part in this event worldwide, come August, Atlanta’s urban landscape will have a more vibrant, international feel. – READ MORE at VANDALOG.

So far the lineup includes the following artists and speakers:

Learn More About the Event Here

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Work In Progress 3: “Robots Will Kill” finish “Superior Windows”

RWK/BSA “Superior Windows Project” COMPLETED

Brooklyn Street Art-work-in-progress

Locals and visitors snap pictures of new windows with fervor!

Veng Bird
Veng Bird (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

Veng completed his last two windows while the last heavy wet snow was falling and the sidewalks were treacherous (Chris finished his windows weeks ago) and now that the snow has melted and the sun is shining on us again we are happy to report that with this their latest collaboration with BSA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been completed.


Veng front window detail
Veng front window detail (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

View going East on N. 11
Windows on the World: View going East on N. 11 (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

View going West on N. 11

View going West on N. 11 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Front Facade on Wythe
Front Facade on Wythe (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Full view
Full view (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Work In Progress 2: “Robots Will Kill” Superior Windows

Work In Progress 1: “Robots Will Kill” Superior Windows

Robots Will Kill

RWK in conjunction with BSA.

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