Trustocorp Sighting on Lower East Side in a Snowstorm

Yes, I do worry.  Especially when it is snowing like crazy and my bike wheels are about to slide across one of those large metal slabs the City puts across gaping construction holes. Those huge hell platters are slicker than snot on a doornob and liable to deposit me directly under a delivery truck.

Don't Worry, One Day
Don’t Worry, One Day Things Will Get Better; Happiness is a Warm Gun. (TrustoCorp)

For those of you who would understandably get up-in-arms about these very realistic signs – placement is key.

If I thought these would actually cause accidents I would not think it was funny anymore, but these were in an obviously not correct location. But hey TrustoCorp! Like the drag queens say, “two points for ‘realness’, honey”.

Here’s that Beatles song I was referencing above- and a rather clever black and white Dada-esque video to accompany it. People used to say this song was written about smack, so the video style strikes a vein.