Telemarketers Mr. Jago and Will Barras

I was a telemarketer for one day when I was eighteen years old. Actually it was half a day. I never came back from lunch.

We were living through a different recession and I had no practical skills and almost zero job experience and no college education.  That’s why I even considered the job – desperation for bar money and phat threads.  All I remember was sitting on a folding metal chair inside an O-configuration of folding banquet tables in a room looking down to the street with my black telephone, my phone number list, my order form, and my script.

We were selling tickets for the Shriner Circus and we were supposed to stress what a great philanthropic organization they were and how the kids were just thrilled. I didn’t know what a Shriner was, and I didn’t care either.  I tentatively dialed people on my list and had a big lump in my throat and my hands were shaking and I would take the slightest hint of rejection personally, like an anvil had come smashing through the ceiling directly onto my head.  So, around the third time someone said “NO”, I was emotionally destroyed and my nerves were numb and scarred for life.  Wimp.  I know.  Things haven’t gotten a whole lot better in the self-confidence area, if you want to know the truth.

Mr. Jago and Will Barrass discuss their original gig. (image courtesy Upper Playground)
Mr. Jago and Will Barrass discuss their original gig. (image courtesy Upper Playground)

I bring this horrible memory freshly to mind because I just learned that Mr. Jago and Will Barras, two artists showing new works at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco, first met each other when they were both working at telemarketing jobs.  They both seem like they are unscarred, but sometimes these things are not obvious on the surface.

Walrus TV Artist Feature: Mr. Jago & Will Barras Interview from “The Run Up”

Mr Jago, a pioneer of the doodle, is a founding member of Scrawl Collective and a veteran in the street art movement.  Jagos interests in art and design with influences from classic Marvel comics, graffiti and hip-hop culture have help forge his unique freehand style and distinct colour palette.

Will Barras
Living and working London, Will Barras is an artist and illustrator best known for his work with the Scrawl Collective, a collaboration of artist’s centered around Bristol, UK. He has been hailed as one of the artists that best represent the skate and snowboard lifestyle.

“Darling,We’re Leaving!” features new works on display at FIFTY24SF Gallery from November 5 – November 24, 2009.

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