Aiko at Joshua Liner Gallery

Opening April 18, 2009

April 18 – May 16, 2009

Love Monster by Aiko (courtesy Joshua Liner Gallery)

Love Monster by Aiko (courtesy Joshua Liner Gallery)

Born in Tokyo and living in NYC since 1996, well known as founding member of art collective FAILE. In 2006 she started her solo career and has been exhibiting her stencil/silk screen paintings in major cities such as NY, LA, London, Berlin, Tokyo and Barcelona.

Artist Statement

Aiko finds her inspiration in the streets, Kawaii culture, and the energy and sexuality of women everywhere. Brought stateside to study film, she found she could hide in plain-sight by plastering her images anonymously throughout the city. Street-steam accompanies the exploration of the female form and character. Playing between childhood flashbacks and future visions, snapshots of memories peer from the gentle decay of their surroundings, and read like an autobiography. Her now iconic visions of fairy tale nightmare’s and pulp-fiction seduction are free to explore the themes of romance, morality, and religion that were only glimmers within her earlier work. Combing her stenciling, with brushwork and spray paint to recreate the urban decay of her work on the city streets, vixens and virgins with pop-culture sensibilities embody all the sexuality that fuels its spirit.

Joshua Liner Gallery