Mr. Brainwash, Life Is Beautiful

Three's Company!  (MBW)

Three's Company! Image from MBW's big new show.


If you can wait in line that is.  Filmmaker/street artist MBW must have broken some kind of records Wednesday for the opening of his new Swindled show at the former CBS Studios in Hollywood.  The fans lined up all along Sunset Boulevard to see all the pop culture mangling and icon mashing they could set their eyes on, from multiples of those fabulous Elvis with Shotgun screenprints, to a giant Warholic can of tomato spray soup,

For Fly Stencils that are mmm mmm Good.     (MBW)

For Fly Stencils that are mmm mmm Good. (MBW)

to a mountain of discarded 50,000 books and shoes (I counted).  “Prolific” would be too stingy an adjective.

Banksy says he’s a “force of nature” (like a trailer park tornado ?), Shepard Fairey wants to hug him or smack him (but still DJ’d the opening); You know, chewing through popular culture isn’t new for street art, but MBW has a gargantuan appetite!  – and apparently a following to match.


June 18 through Sunday June 22.

6121 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA